Saturday, December 28, 2013

I'm Shocked!

    Okay, I'm still in shock. I knew the book had been nominated. There were three other books in the same category. So, I had a one in four chance of winning. Evidently more people than I thought took the time to vote. I am so very thankful. I am truly honored. 
    As of this moment I know the Award Ceremony and book signing will be in Florida on April 26th. I also know I will find a way to be there. 

   I am truly thankful to Blue Harvest Creative for their book design. I am blessed with a wonderful fan base. 
I am gaining readers all the time. 

   Macy #3 will be out in the spring of 2014, I am hoping in time for the book signing. It will be a wonderful opportunity to grow my fan base. 

   I promise as long as my fans will read, I will write. 


Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It's been a year. I feel like it is two steps forward and six steps back. Since Sept. it has been one catastrophe after another. I'd like them to stop.

This is what I awoke to on Labor Day. The ceiling in my spare bedroom fell in because the person who fixed the leak in my upstairs bathroom had no clue what he was doing. I still have not been able to replace the mattress and box springs which were ruined.

The next thing was my car needed new tires. I found them to be unsafe on a trip to Clio for a funeral. So much for putting money in savings. 

For the first time since 2010 I needed a new prescription in my glasses. Because my are highly sensitive to the sun. I require corrective sun glasses. Total cost for two pair of glasses and my copay was about $800. Hopefully I won't need new ones for another three or four years. 

Just when I was thinking I could go ahead and buy the mattress and box springs, my hot water heater went out and had to be replaced. I still owe $250 on it, but they take monthly payments. Thank you, Lord.

Now I should be good if I can get through Christmas. Wrong again. I am low on propane so I turned the heat down to conserve. I managed to get to payday on Nov. 25th with 2% still in my tank so I went in and bought 200 gallons and prayed it would last me until the next morning. It did. 

As things have been going, I woke with no water. Seems the person doing my plumbing had taken all the insulation out of my well pit and left it in my garage. He also had the heat tape where it would do no good. So, several hours later, (and $240) the insulation has been replaced. The heat tape is on right and there is a heater with a thermostat on it so it runs only when it hits a certain temperature I have water. 

Finally, I can breathe easy....who am I kidding. It doesn't work like that. Went to go to town and run errands today. Pick up my mail, some stamps, a few odds and ends, do some banking and my car will not start. It does nothing but tick. No lights, no sound, just ticking. It is currently hooked to a battery charger however I fear it is the alternator and not the battery. Is that what extended warranties are for???? 

I do believe I am ready  for 2013 to be over. 


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Book Review

I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for this book. Which just means I read it before it went to print. Let me tell you it is riveting.

For Whom the Bells Toll (Dracula Chronicles Book One)
By Shane KP O’Neill

In this Gothic horror book comes the ultimate good vs. evil. You are back in time to 1431 and Vlad Dracul is the king of Transyvania. His half-brother rules Wallachia to his south and was always a threat. He was part of the Order of the Dragons and was sworn to halt the Turkish takeover of Christian lands. Vlad also had a truce with the Turks.

Throughout the book, Vlad Dracul is in conflict with his allies and his faith. He tries to avoid conflict with the Turks by sending his oldest son to battle carrying his standard, in order to spare the lives of his younger sons, held by Turks.

In a final battle, when Dracul sees his imminent death he is called to fight on or choose his faith. Which will he do?

I am not someone who usually reads Gothic horror, but this book held me spellbound. It is well crafted and the scenes come alive with the characters O’Neill has created. He has stayed true to the times he writes about making it all the more authentic. Go grab a copy.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Now Available

Tales by the Tree is now available for Kindle and in print. All proceeds from this book go to a school library charity.

Links are:  Amazon Print Link: 
Amazon eBook Link:

I hope you will find this book enjoyable and add it to your holiday reading.


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Sneak Peak

This comes out on November 29th. It will be in ebook and print form from It is a collection of  flash fiction (stories of not more than 1,000 words +/- 50). They have to do with the holidays, fantasy and are written by over 40 authors. 

None of the authors are being paid for this book. All proceeds are going to the Mount Rose Elementary Library fund. The authors donated their time and talents. Blue Harvest Creative donated their time and artistic talent to fill the book with wonderful images and to create the cover. 

Don't miss your chance to donate and get a collection of 75 holiday stories. 


Thursday, November 21, 2013


I am closing in on finishing Sanctuary. I am lining up my editors. Then it will go to beta readers. I am excited for it to be done. It leads directly into Something Borrowed, Something Blue. The book will tie up all the loose ends in Crossing the Line. 

I am also working on a children's book. It will be titled Of Moonbeams and Fairy Dust. It will be a collection of poems short stories, and flash fiction suitable for bedtime stories. I have two pieces done and am working on the third. No idea when it will be finished. I will work on it when the ideas come to me.

Most days I can keep outside distractions at bay. However, lately I spend my first hours in bed with ideas running around in a million different directions. Makes for a very sleepless night. I was up an hour after turning the other night writing the opening poem for Of  Moonbeams and Fairy Dust. I have since started a short story for the same book. This after writing it in my head last night. Maybe I should nap in the afternoon so my ideas will come them.

For my friends still struggling through of luck you have nine days left to this insanity. I know several who will be finished. To the others don't give up.


Sunday, November 3, 2013

It's NaNo Time

National Novel Wrting Month or NaNoWrimo or NaNo started on Nov. 1st. It is a month of non-stop writing with the goal of writin a 50,000 word novel. I have completed it twice. The first novel I wrote, Secrets was written in twenty-one days. The second time I did NaNo I did not finish the novel I was working on. I still have not finished. The third time I did NaNo I wrote Target of Vengeance. Last year I attempted to write a novel. I uploaded 13,000  words and did not realize I hit cut and not copy. I lost the entire thing. Luckily, I had a couple chapters saved elsewhere, but had to start over.

I am now over 40,000 words into the novel I lost a year ago. My goal for November is to get it this novel finished so I can get it to the editors. I am ready for it to be done, so I can get to work on production.

I could start work on book four. I have the first chapter done. But I need to finish book three before I can begin book four. I would confuse myself working on two books at once.

I have an idea for a childrens' collection, but I cannot seem to nail down what I want to write. I have too many ideas floating at the moment. I could tackle one or two of those but, it would take time away from my work-in-progress. I think I'll wait a month or so and let those ideas gel for a bit.

To my writer  friends attempting the NaNo challenge, best of luck to you. I hope each and every one of you is successful. It is a great way to start a novel as well as an awesome way to finish one.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

Depression, the Unexplainable

Among other things I suffer from SADs-Seasonal Affective Disorder. As autumn comes the days become less sunny and I find I cry frequently for no particular reason. Most of the time I cannot even drag myself out of bed in the mornings. Then I find I stay up too late at night because I am not tired.

It becomes a viscious cycle. I get sadder and the days get shorter. The past three years I have been able to combat this. The first winter after I retired, I spent in south Texas. It was a great experience, but not really the place for me. The past two winters I have spent in South Carolina. There I made some wonderful friends and have thoroughly enjoyed myself. Even though last winter was colder and wetter than the previous one, I still had the beach to walk on. 

This year the sadness has set in earlier than usual. I have found myself weepy for the past three days. Something which makes me totally crazy and I hate when it happens. I have tried keeping myself busy, but find I am lacking in energy. Part of the problem is my allergies are on overtime, wearing down my system. I have spent time with the cheeriest person I know. She has no idea how much she helps keep me above water some days.  This week I made her step out of her comfort zone and have photos taken. I'm glad she did. 

Seriously who could be sad around this? Bonus was a former student was the photographer. It was a beautiful day.

I have a shopping therapy day coming up this week with two of my undergrad friends. I can hardly wait. It's been a while since the three of us got together. So, it gives me something to look forward to.

I am really okay. Just sad and not looking forward to winter. I will not be traveling this year. Not being a fan of winter will keep me inside. Not a problem as I have a book to finish and one to get out for another author. I have much to do to keep myself occuppied. 

Depression is not something you can see. Those who are depressed do everything they can to hide it. Should this minor bout with the dark side hang on too long I will see my doctor for meds. I prefer not to take meds. But depression screws with my diabetes. And that is not something I want to deal with. It is too hard to manage the diabetes on a day-to-day basis to add in depression and watch it really screw up. 

So, if you don't see me on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, and you don't hear from me, don't panic. I have just crawled under the covers to shut out the world. I will be fine. I have been worse off than this and will survive this. For now, I'm just spending time with me. 

Saturday, October 5, 2013

What is This Christmas?

What is This Christmas?
By Rebecka Vigus
Yes, Ebook
                Winter in the fairy glen was not magical. The fragile fairies were forced to remain inside. Twit watched the snowflakes gently falling. She saw the brightly colored lights of the farmhouse across the meadow. She longed to see what the family was doing. Her wings twitched with the urge to fly. Maybe she would slip out tonight. What could it hurt? What a great adventure. Just then her mother called, “Lights out.”
                Twit curled into her bed. Moonlight streamed through the window as she lay down to sleep. She waited until all was quiet before easing out the window into the night.
                The bitter cold wind made it hard for her to fly. Moonlight through the clouds helped her keep her bearings. Those beautiful snowflakes were cold and wet as they hit her gossamer wings. She hoped she would make it to the farmhouse.
                It seemed to take forever and just as she was giving up Twit splattered against a window pane. She rubbed a spot with her cold hand to see inside. A little girl was lying on her bed reading. The room was all pink and cozy.  Twit tapped on the window hoping the girl would let her in.  She was about to give up a when little boy ran into the room.
                He shouted muffled words Twit could not make out. Then he noticed her. “Look, Bridget,” he yelled. “There’s a weird bug on your window.”
                Both children came to the window. Twit was excited, hoping they would let her in so she could get warm.
                “It’s a fairy,” Bridget said.
                “There’s no such thing,” the boy stated. But he continued to stare at the strange bug. It looked like it was waving to them.
                “Stand back,” Bridget ordered. “I’m going to open the window and let it in.” She lifted the window enough to reach out and grab the little fairy. “Oh, she’s cold.”
                Twit was startled by having her own wish come true and could only sit it Bridget’s hand and shiver.
                “Find me a doll blanket will you, Bryce?”  Bridget asked.
                He muttered but started searching through her doll stuff.  “Will this work?” he asked holding up a doll wash cloth.
                “Just bring it,” Bridget ordered. “She’s freezing.” Bridget wrapped the tiny fairy to help her get warm. “Do you understand what I say?” she asked.
                Twit nodded yes.
                “I’m Bridget and this is Bryce,” she told the fairy. “Did you come for Christmas?”
                Twit looked confused she answered, “I’m Twit. What is this Christmas?”
                “You don’t know what Christmas is,” Bryce shrieked.
                “Hush, or Mom will hear us,” admonished Bridget. “Christmas is a holiday we celebrate every year. We decorate the house, hang our stockings, and wait for Santa to arrive.”
                “What’s a Santa?” Twit asked.
                “This is messed up,” Bryce said. “Everybody knows who Santa is. He lives at the North Pole. Every year he brings toys to girls and boys around the world. He rides in a flying sleigh pulled by reindeer.”
                It was Twit’s turn to be astonished. She had seen Santa and his sleigh. She never knew what he did. She sneezed.
                “Oh, we can’t let you get sick,” Bridget said.  “I’ll fix you a bed and tuck you in. Tomorrow we can talk more.”
                Twit perched on a pillow wrapped in the wash cloth as Bridget went to work making her a bed. Once made Bridget shooed Bryce from the room and tucked Twit into bed. She crawled into bed and shut off the light. “Night, Twit.”
                Sometime in the night Twit spiked a fever and got chills. She knew this was not good and she would never make it home by morning. Her mother would worry. She tossed and turned in the little bed.
                Bridget found Twit soaking wet and shivering in the morning. “Oh, you poor thing. Let me find something to make you better.” She left the room and Twit curled into the bed trying to get warm.
                In a few minutes, Bridget returned. She had something in a tiny doll cup. “Drink this, it will help.”
                Twit drank while Bridget searched for dry bedding. She tucked the little fairy in. “I hope you get well soon. I made a Christmas wish to keep you.”
                Twit cried, “I made a wish to go home.”
                Sleep now and we can work it out when you feel better. Again Bridget tucked Twit in and left the room. When Twit woke up she felt better. She tried out her wings and flew to the window. Snow covered everything she could hardly see her home in the woods. She cried, wishing once again she was safe at home.
                When Bridget came back she had Bryce in tow. “We talked it over and decided we are going to help you get home.”
                Twit smiled. “Thank you.”
                “You need to drink some more of this because we have to take you outside,” Bridget told her.
                Twit took the cup and drank. She was surprised it did not make her sleepy. She handed the cup to Bridget.
                “Bryce and I are going to get ready to go out,” she said. “We’ll be back to get you in a few minutes.”
                The two left the little fairy. She worried they might change their minds keeping her here forever. Tears stung her eye lids. They had been so kind. It took ages, but the two returned dressed in their snowsuits.
                “Hop into my pocket,” Bridget said opening the pocket on her jacket. “Can you show us the way?”
                “Oh, yes,” Twit said climbing in.
                In less than ten minutes they were across the field. At the outskirts of the woods, Twit said, “I can get there from here. Thank you.” She fluttered her wings and flew home.
                She sent her wish to Santa and on Christmas morning Bridget found a fairy sized doll in her stocking and Bryce found the sling shot he wanted.


Saturday, September 28, 2013

Blog Crawl???

Tried something new tonight. A blog crawl on Twitter. Okay, let's start with I am not Twitter savvy. I don't use it on my phone, I use it on my computer, usually for posting my blogs. I only check  it when I get a notification someone is following me or commented on a tweet. So, poured my frozen strawberry daquiri and joined in.

It was a  bit disjointed. Someone suggested I use Tweet Deck...not a clue what it is. Doubt it's on my computer.  I ended up hopping from my home page to the blog crawl.

We were given a silly topic to write about. Synchronicity featuring skinny dipping and  a proud moment (non-family related). Ugh, never been skinny dipping so cannot begin to write about it and most of my proud moments are family related. Think I'll pass on the topic altogether.

Was not getting  all the tweets of members of the group which made it even more difficult. Not sure why it happened but it did. As far as I knew there were only two other people particitpating. A gentleman from Canada and another author. Imagine my surprise to find out there were many others and the conversation was quite lively.

While this was a learning experience, I would try it again. It was interesting to say the least.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Already Planning & a Challenge

Several years ago my daughter did a daily photo blog. She called it her 365 day project. Each day she took a photo or found an old one of something special to her. Since I am going to be snowbound this winter, I have decided I'm going to try for a photo a day and blog about it.

Some days might just be photos and some days might be photos and an explanation. Some will be good photos and some will not. Some will be though provoking, some will make you laugh, some will do absolutely nothing for you...but the will do something for me.

However I am making a challenge to all my friends and followers. Can you take a photo a day? Will it be something that reflects your life, where you live, or just inspires you? Will any of you take up the challenge? If you do, please let me know your blog link so I can follow along.

Happy picture taking.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Huge Leap of Faith

I took a leap of faith and offered another writer a contract with Lilac Publishing. Her book won't be out until next year. We have a lot of editing to do. I want her to be a smashing success. She has planned at least one other book in this series.

Now I have to wait for her to read through the contract and decide if it is something she wants to work with. She is an unknown to me, but I believe she has potential.

I have also hired someone to read through it, ask questions, make comments, and in general pick it apart. So, really two things have happened today. I have out sourced and am actually contracting for work. AND, I've offered a contract to an author.  Big steps for a small company.

I believe everyone has to start somewhere. I have procrastinated making both of these decisions. I've been holding out for another author whose book is close to being finished. I cannot hold out forever if I truly wish to be a publisher.

The next thing will be to contract out and get a website for Lilac Publishing. One I can connect to my authors with and give people another place to purchase author books. That will mean business cards for Lilac Publishing as well as letterhead.

Did someone forget to tell me I'd retired? What am I thinking????


Monday, August 12, 2013

Lost My Motivation

I have just the main bathroom to paint and put down a floor.

These are shots of the floor.

I am not a pink person and this floor has made me crazy long enough. Even scrubbed it looks dirty. Ugh.
Then we have the walls.

Yes, they are different colors. 

As you can see hardware is off the walls, I have washed them. I just need to start painting. Today, I cannot make myself do it. It is the last room in the house and it needs to be done. Then I will allow myself to go back to packing up stuff I am not using. (Which also means finding more stuff for a moving sale). 

Oh, wait, someone has to come look at the house before they can buy it. Then they have to like the house. The only thing progressing on my house is my painter comes around 3 o'clock most afternoons and works until 8 or 9 pm. So the outside of the house is progressing. 

Just feeling down in the dumps I guess.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Here We are in August

How did we get here? I am still frustrated at not having my house sold. I know it's only been a month.

We have made great strides on painting the outside of my house. I have hired someone to finish it. He starts this week. I have torn apart the main bathroom and am busy getting it ready to paint. 

I have to take a break on house stuff tomorrow to mow the lawn. I will spend about two to four hours on that. But it will look better when it's done.

I went to South Carolina to look at a couple of houses. I really thought I'd be putting in an offer on one of them. I was wrong. I did however come back with a game plan for the next trip down. I'm going to spend a week and look at houses and condos every day. I'm making a list of what I must have and them I'm going to look at the pros and cons of each. I am really not a condo person, having grown up in rural areas, I'm not fond of city life.

In the meantime, I work on the house and pack up things I'm not using. No one said this was going to be easy.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Progress is Being Made

I started at 9am this morning putting the brown base coat on the front of the house. Mom and Dad arrived at 11:30am. Dad got all the high places I could not reach, Mom cut in where she could reach standing on the ground. We finished the garage front, lower part and called it a day. It was after 4pm. Dad went on to power wash the south side and part of the west side of my house.

I had cousins arrive about 5pm. They took the tour of the  house to see all the improvements. Then we went to a local place called Jerry's Joint for burgers. It was a good end to a very productive day.

Tomorrow I begin cutting in the front of the house with the yellow and rolling it. I want this house to sell. I can also finish the north side of the garage with the yellow. Mom has most of it cut in. I wouldn't be this far without them.


Thursday, July 11, 2013

This is Where I'm At

I have been getting my house ready for sale. Since August I have had the help of an old friend. He has decided he has better things to do, so I am left with painting the outside of the house. It will be yellow when I am done. 
I have a bathroom to paint, but am not concerned I have painted it twice since I've lived here. Once more will be no big deal.
I am hosting a painting party in a couple of weeks but hope to have more of the base coat painted before that happens. I am off today to buy an extension cord for the power washer and I'm going to finish some of that. I'll need a new hose but am going as far as this one will let me go. Tomorrow or later today I'll start the base coat as high as I can reach. Some work is better than no work.
Keeping busy.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Another Big Announcement

The staff at Blue Harvest official book cover artists have a promotional for all their authors.

Follow this link for more information:

Be sure to join in the fun and games.


Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cover Reveal: Gypsy of Spirits by Bestselling Author Katie Jennings

My writer friend Katie Jennings is revealing her new book cover today.  This is Katie.

Here is her book cover:
Here's what Katie has to say:

International Bestselling Author Katie Jennings has been hard at work on a hauntingly romantic novel entitled So Fell the Sparrow, due out November 21st of this year! However, before the main novel releases, she will debut a prequel short story called Gypsy of Spirits, which poetically highlights one of the main characters and offers an exclusive sneak peek of So Fell the Sparrow.

This is the stunning cover for Gypsy of Spirits, available in eBook on September 21st!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


It's a happening kind of day. I get to release the cover for a book coming out of my friend, Ashley Fontaine's publishing company. One I am excited to read. You had to have been a kid in November, 1963 to remember how devastated our nation was with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. To be the man who arrested Lee Harvey Oswald would have been a major  coup.

Then I have an early morning radio interview with Bob Krejcarek at WLDY AM talk radio out of Ladysmith, WI. An interview that ran for thirty minutes instead of the ten to fifteen I was expecting.

Now I'm off to start my real day, if there is such a thing. Trip to Mom and Dad's to see if I can snatch some of Dad's paintings for my house. Race back home to work on said house. Maybe if I'm lucky get some writing in on Sanctuary which has been grossly neglected this month.


Check This Out

New book cover release today.

It is a rare event when you are fortunate enough to be a part of releasing a piece of history to the public. My publishing imprint, RMSW Press, falls into that category. While conducting research for a historical novel I am currently working on, a chance meeting took place with Daisy McDonald, the widow of former Dallas Police Officer Maurice N. “Nick” McDonald.  Mr. McDonald had written his memoirs about how his life was impacted from the moment he arrested Lee Harvey Oswald at a movie theater in Dallas. Sadly, Mr. McDonald passed away in 2005 and his heartfelt, 300+ page story sat unread inside a thick binder.
I met Daisy McDonald in Hot Springs, Arkansas in April of 2013 after a speaking/fact finding engagement. After the meeting, she approached me with questions about my experiences in publishing. We immediately hit it off and talked several times over the course of the next few weeks when she offered me the unimaginable: she wanted RMSW Press to publish her husband’s work.
So, it is with humility, thankfulness and a sense of duty to honor one of Mr. McDonald’s dying wishes that I bring to you the amazing cover (designed by the team of professionals at Blue Harvest Creative) for Mr. McDonald’s novel, Oswald & I, as well as the book trailer. Look for the paperback and ebook on Amazon, Barnes&Noble and Kobo November 2013.
Book trailer:

Friday, June 21, 2013

We've Made Our Debut

Lilac Publishing has released its first book Crossing the Line by Rebecka Vigus. The book came out on April 29, 2013.

We now have an official presence on Facebook. You can find us at:

Be sure to check us out.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Nominated for Liebster Award

I've been nominated for a Liebster Award for my blog. First let me thank Jessica Peterson who nominated me. You'll find her at :

Now let me explain the Liebster Award. The Liebster award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers.  What is a Liebster?  The meaning: Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.

Here are the rules for receiving this award:
1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
2. Answer the questions that the tagger set for you plus create 11 questions for the people you’ve tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them in your post.
4. Go to their page and tell them.
5. No tag backs!

Here are the 11 questions from Jessica:

1. What is your favourite day of the week? Don't have a any day I'm at the beach.
2. What is your favourite TV show?  NCIS
3. Out of all your family members, who are you closest to? My daughter
4. What is one thing you are grateful for today?  I'm most grateful for the people who bring love and laughter to my life.
5. Who is the one person you've lost contact with over the years and wish you could get in touch with? My childhood best friend, Patty Pettinger. I have no idea where she might be today.
6. Do you believe in marriage? Yes
7. Salty or Sweet? Sweet
8. What is one of the most beautiful/amazing things you've ever been a witness to? The births of my two youngest grandchildren.
9. What is one thing you've done to help make a stranger's day better?  Bought the meal for the car behind me at McDonald's.
10. If you had one wish for the world, what would it be? To sell my house quickly and find the perfect new home in South Carolina.
11. What made you start blogging? It started as a way to get my name known as a writer. Now I do it because I enjoy it.

Here are 11 things about me:
1. I am a retired special education teacher.
2. I have just published my fifth novel and seventh book.
3. I prefer rural areas to cities.
4. My favorite flowers are lily of the valley and yellow roses.
5. I have four wonderful grandchildren.
6. I hate housework.
7. I love the beach.
8. I'm hoping to relocate to South Carolina.
9. I've opened my own publishing company.
10. I believe in faeries.
11. Age is only a number....some days I am 30 other days I know I'm 130.

These are the people I've chosen for this award.
1. Jen Evans
2. Jamie Kline
3. Pastor Tim
5. Traci
7. Mallory
8. Cariann McCready
9. Ros
10. Dani
11. Nadica

Here are my 11 questions for you.
1. What prompted you to start a blog?
2. Have you written any books?
3. Have the books been published? Traditional or Indie?
4. Do you have a favorite place to write?
5. What is your biggest dream?
6. What prevents you from writing?
7. If money were no object, what would you do?
8. Do you have a dream vacation spot?
9. What gets you motivated?
10. Do you have a favorite genre of novel to read? If so, which one?
11. What is the best part of your life?


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I hope I won't regret this

I have just signed up for JuNoWriMo. Having done NaNoWriMo a couple of times and succeeded I thought it might be time for something different. 

My third novel in the Macy McVannel series: Sanctuary, needs a jumpstart. I am close to having the house ready to list, so I should be able to type out 50,000  words in a month. 

Anyone looking to join me on this adventure please do. The following link will take you there:  Don't put it off. Get started. Make a commitment to your writing. 

If I can get Santuary finished, I'll be doing rewrites and edits to get it ready to go to reviewers. I need four months to get to the reviewers I need. So the plan would be to get it sent out by August and into publication by possibly December or early January, 2014. 

Wish me luck, I'll try to keep you posted on my progress.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

And Now I Wait

I have been working since February to get Lilac Publishing launched. My setup crew came up with a wonderful layout and a superb cover. I thank Blue Harvest Creative every day for the work they have done on my behalf.

I have my NOOK Press account set up. Crossing the Line is available for NOOK. You can find it here:

I have my KDP account set up. I did not go exclusive for ninety days with them however, Crossing the Line is available for Kindle. You can find it here:

However you cannot yet find the print copy. I am waiting on Lightning Source to give my account the final approval. I have been working with their application department since March. I still am not approved. I only plan to put out two books a year. I am wondering if that is the issue.

Meanwhile I have several readers anxiously awaiting the print version. Have I mentioned I hate waiting? You will find me pacing between the things I'm working on. Ugh.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bedroom Before and After

I thought I'd done a great I know I didn't.
Bedroom when I finished it the first time.

While the bed was centered, the wall art wasn't. The art also got lost on the wall.
Preparing to paint.

And now the finished bedroom. Look at the difference in the focus wall now.

And one more to show the contrasting walls.

So, the A-Z Blogging challenge for 2013 is done and it that time I have finished two rooms. Not without the help of Randy Benner who put in the laundry room floor, painted walls, and built the frame around my wall art. Yes, we have lots more to do, but for now, I am pleased with what is done.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Z is for Zilch

I got nothin' zip, zilch.  We have finished the laundry room but for hanging the curtains. Tomorrow I putty the trim board in my room and paint it. Then we can put it back  together.

Laundry room before and after pics.

Now here are the after ones

White walls instead of light green, new floor, brown trim....wait one more

No file cabinet, look at all that space.
Now with a little luck, I'll have a new book out later this week. Cross your fingers.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Y is for Young

I am not nearly as young as I used to be. I have muscles currently screaming at me. They seem to think they were on permanent vacation. Why you ask? I spent my day painting trim board. Tomorrow we finish putting down trim board in the laundry room and it will be finished. First person who messes it up dies.

Some of the trim board went to frame my wall art. It's hung there for years, but the wall was a light aqua and it just blended in. Now it is a real focal point. The rest of the trim goes down in that room tomorrow. 

I wish I was young enough that my muscles were not screaming, but I'm happy with my current age. Just hope I can find a house that is move in ready and I won't have to paint.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

X is for X-cellent

I am taking license on the word excellence today and making it x-cellent. The weather has finally warmed up to a comfortable 70 degrees. I am hoping it is going to stay this way for a while.

We have an x-cellent flooring picked out for the laundry room. One of the many projects for our Sun-Wed, major work time.

I have x-cellent people I work with getting my publishing company off the ground and I am hoping to see the first book hot off the press by May 1.

I have x-cellent friends. One came through today with enough boxes for me to completely pack up my house. Guess you know what I am doing this afternoon.

Have an x-cellent day everyone.

Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Working

I have been working hard to get things done around the house. I learned today that someone is interested in it. Added motivation to get it ready for sale.

Tomorrow morning I pick up more boxes. I have stuff to haul from the back yard to my dumpster. I will probably set up the second dumpster. (We are using Bagsters).

Sunday we paint the trim board white, put down a floor and all the trim in two rooms. Then we can put my bedroom and the laundry room back together. That is progress. We will be emptying the spare room and readying it for paint and trim.

I will be working like a madwoman to get this house done. Garage sale in a month. Hopefully home sale after that. I will be working hard to have everything done. I'm on a dead line. Self imposed, but a deadline none the less.

Off to do a couple more things before bed.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Vacuum

Life is not lived in a vacuum. Sometimes we need a wake up call. I've been blogging about my up coming book and the progress we've made on remodeling my house so it will be sale ready.

Today I learned a good friend's cancer is not going to be as easy to cure as we had all hoped. It has spread. I know she is a fighter and will ultimately win. She has an awesome support system which helps.

Tonight I said good-bye to the husband of a friend. Of course it is a time to run into old friends and reminisce. While that is good we all have to admit we are approaching the age where it could be anyone of us.

So, get out and live your life. Don't hole up in a vacuum.


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

U is for Unusual

I am unusually sore today. I have aches in muscles that must have been dormant for years. However, my bedroom is complete except for trim. The laundry room is completely painted. It still needs a floor and trim board.

I am clearing out the spare bedroom as it is the next one to be painted. I have windows to wash, and curtains to get ready to hang. I have an upstairs to finish going through. I still don't know what all is up there.

I believe if I continue moving the muscles will get better. Running up and down the stairs is going to keep me busy. I am off to get dinner, then back to work.


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

T is for Totally Exhausted

We have painted the three main walls in my bedroom. Both coats of paint are done. We have one coat of paint on the laundry room. We will be doing the focus wall and second coat in the laundry room tomorrow.

Next step is to buy the trim for that room and the upstairs bathroom. Then onto the tile for the laundry room floor and paint in the spare bedroom.

While Randy is gone I'll be back in the upstairs pitching and packing up. I have no idea what is even up there. I've made some headway but that will keep me busy Thurs through Saturday.

In the meantime I'm calling it a day.

Monday, April 22, 2013

S is for Still At It

Still working on the  house. Had a change of paint color today. Bathroom floor and extension got put in today. I have been through boxes and boxes of stuff. Two bags of garbage with a third bag started. Paint will start sometime in the next two days. No rest for the weary.

Book should hit the publisher this week. So release sometime next week.


Saturday, April 20, 2013

R is for Rest

Which is exactly what I plan on doing tomorrow. I have been working to get two rooms ready to paint. Walls washed, floor scrubbed, furniture moved.

I'm also unpacking from a three month trip and doing laundry and daily living chores. Yes, tomorrow I will rest.

Please do not wake me. I'm sleeping in at least until 9.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Questions

Today is a good day for questions. First I had questions about my new Iphone. It was time I come into the smart phone century. Most of them have been answered. Still unable to hear anyone unless they are on speaker. Ugh.

The country is left with questions surrounding the incidents this week in Boston. Will the young man captured even talk? Will we ever know why? The biggest question of all is when will it happen again?

I have also been looking for a dumpster that is affordable. So far no luck. That brings me to lots more questions. I will be looking for an alternative company for trash pick up as they left half the trash here today.

So, if you have a question, just ask.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

P is for Progress

I've made lots of progress today. The file cabinet is emptied. Tons of stuff tossed. Next step is to scrub laundry room floor and walls and the walls in my bedroom. Paint for both rooms and the spare bedroom has been purchased. So you know painting is the next step.

My book  set-up crew has sent me the files for my book and the cover. I can get that to the printer now. Hopefully we have a book next week.

I am now caught up again on A-Z.

All in all it has been a productive day. Hopefully tomorrow will be too.

A Break from A-Z for a Minute

This is the announcement about my new book.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for Old

It is time for out with the old. Since I am going to be moving it is time to part with things I no longer need or want.

I have a junk pile for the garbage and a garage sale pile. I also have boxes and boxes of things I have already packed. My closets are so full of boxes I can't get any more in them.

I feel good about getting rid of things. Some I hate parting with but cannot justify keeping them. Since I want to downsize when I buy a new home, I surely need to get rid of things.

So today really is out with the old day.

N is for Nincompoop

Every year when I return home from my winter away, Charter Communications has to send someone out because their line equipment doesn't work. The first year they had to replace something on the pole. Last year I had to have all new cable. This year they are back on the pole again.

One would think they'd get it right so they didn't have to come out. Because it is their equipment, I don't get billed. That's the only saving I see.

In the mean time I am without wireless. But the TV works and I am hard lined into the internet. Ugh.
Nincompoops, cannot get it figured out. Ugh.

Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Move

I have been on the move since 5:30 this morning, so I am a bit late on this post. I spent the first hour of my day moving up and down 22 stairs in a humid mist. I was packing my car to return home from my winter in the sun.

From 7 am to 7 pm I was on the move in my car. I did take an hour out for lunch with my brother on my way through North Carolina. The mist continued most of the day. In fact, I lost the mist and gained sunny shine when I entered West Virginia.

When I get home at some time tomorrow I will begin to move all those things I packed back into my house. As well as getting my house ready to sell so that I can move out of  Michigan.

Yep, move was the only word for M today.


Friday, April 12, 2013

L is for Life

I am learning in my old age to let go of some of the things I thought were important and just live. I've always had to  be in control of situations I was in. When they got out of control, it translated into something being wrong with me.

Since I have retired, I have done more living than I did in the first 50+ years of my life. Boy have I missed a lot. 

I am not afraid to travel. I am writing which has been my life dream. I am freely giving love to someone else. These are the things that make life worth living. 

So, tomorrow while I am packing my bags to go home, I know the next adventure is just around the corner. I am stepping out of my comfort zone and learning to live.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

K is for Kites

As I walk along the beach I smile when  I see parents showing their kids how to fly a kite. The winds off the ocean make it the perfect place to fly a kite.

I remember carefree days flying kites. Spring was the best time of year for it. By summer the wind was almost non-existent so kites wouldn't fly no matter how fast you ran.

The other day there was a couple flying kites connected to each other. It was different to watch. Yes, I did with a bit of envy.

I think kite flying would be fun to do again. See there's still a kid inside of me.


J is for Juggling

We all do it. We juggle home, careers, family, and dreams. Some days it's a breeze and other days it feels like you are wading through hip-deep syrup.

I am juggling getting my house ready to put on the market, getting a new book out, and packing to return home. Today feels like an empty day. Things on the house are done for this week. I'm just waiting on a book cover so I can go to press...I really hate waiting. Finally I'm putting off packing until Saturday and Sunday.

This is the current outside of my house. By the time it goes on the market it will be a cream color with the dark brown trim. We are painting it inside and out and doing all those repairs that have been put off over the years. 

This is the cover I am waiting on. I am ready for this book to be out there for the public to buy. It has been a long time coming. 

I have no photo of the packing, but I've been here for three and a half months so imagine packing all that up. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Irritating

This morning I am irritated. First, I still itch from no-see-um bites I got on Sunday. Can  you say allergic? Second, I love that they keep the grounds here looking spotless, however when I am up every hour applying Benadryl spray or taking a Benadryl capsule, I like to be able to sleep. Lack of sleep, makes me irritable. So, far I am running two nights on lack of sleep. Not for not trying though.

Third, I get a phone call saying I've not paid a bill, I know I've paid. There was a computer glitch and it didn't go through, so now I have late fees...grrr.

Yes, it's going to be one of those days. Think I'm wandering to the urgent care center for some aid on the itch problem.


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

H is for Humble

I spent this morning with a group of wonderful women at a Bible study. These women come from all faiths.The No one religion is predominant.

That's not what makes me humble. What makes me humble is that they would pray for good things in my life.  They truly care about each other.

It makes me humble that our hostess, Linda, would offer me a place to stay when I return to buy a home here. It makes me humble that these talented extraordinary women took me into their group.

I will miss my Tuesday mornings with them when I return home.


Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Gorgeous

Gorgeous sun streaming though the windows. Warm weather. Looks like a good day for the beach.  Have a good book to read. Will be having dinner with great friends. Got a wonderful man, working on my plumbing so I can get my house sold.

Life is good and the day is gorgeous. Hope you all are having a good one.


Saturday, April 6, 2013

F is for Full

My life has been full of friends, family, surprises, and blessings.  My friends are the best. They put up with my quirky ways, encourage my many ideas, and love me for who I am.

My family has always had my back. Even when the surprises in my life have not been pleasant ones. They stand by me.

I am blessed to have all this in my life. I cannot imagine a life without it.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

E is for Energized

I am full of energy. I have a plan for moving. I have the print ready copy of the inside of my book. The cover will be done in the next couple of days and then the ebook will be ready.

I have ideas flooding my brain for the things that need to be done when I get home. I have the next book to get ready. I have a couple of baby layettes to finish.

The list is endless, but in my last 11 days in paradise, I'm going to enjoy myself and burn off as much of that energy as I can.  I know I'll get it back when I return home.


D is for Disheartening

Today I find myself truly disheartened. I had a loan secured for a house. I was ready to make the offer and the loan fell through because they didn't ask me if it was a manufactured home. For which they need a higher down payment. Ugh. This was perfect. I will pick myself up and go to plan B. Sell my current home and then  buy one here.

I'm also saddened that my daughter and the kids are leaving tonight. I will worry about them driving in the mountains at night. I know she plans to pull off and sleep at some point, but it is a long trip.


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

C is for Coping

Coping with stress, coping with life. Yes, c is for coping. I am coping with the stress of getting a new book out. I am coping with the minor stress of having seven people in a 950 sq. ft. condo. a

Life is good. I am in those last anticipatory days before a book goes to print. Just before it gets released to the general public.

I am enjoying spring break with my daughter, grandchildren and some of their friends. Yes, there are five kids here. They have been swimming, playing basketball, walking on the beach, and tonight they saw a movie.

So coping with my own demons is keeping me busy.

B is for Best

This has been the best winter away ever. First a friend came down on his way to bike week. Then I found a home I want to buy. My friend came back on his way home from bike week and finally, my daughter, grandkids and a few of their friends came down for a week.

In all of this I have a book almost print ready. I have spent time with the marvelous friends I have here in South Carolina. I've been able to share SC with friends and family, so they know why I want to move here.

Yes, while the weather has not been as warm as I'd hoped, it has been the best winter away from Michigan yet.


Monday, April 1, 2013

A is for Anticipation

I have waited months for the A-Z writing challenge to begin. Arlee Bird I am so glad you came up with this and continue to do it each year.

I am also anticipating the release of my next book, Crossing the Line. It is well past it's November release date for several reasons. One the original publisher closed their doors. Two, I decided to open my own publishing company. Three,  we finally have the last of the edits done, and the book proof has been read so, I can send it to the printer.

There has been a lot of anticipation. I have more, but want to keep this short.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Worst Buy

Most of you are familiar with Best Buy as a merchandiser of all things electronic. They have a rewards program to keep you coming back and they own the Geek Squad for computer repairs. I have a new name for them: Worst Buy.

Let me start the nightmare from the beginning. A friend and I went to get some sort of Ipod/Mp3 player. The first one we bought had us back in there because we couldn't get it to download. We returned later because we had tried four different computers and it wouldn't work. We exchanged it for a different Mp3 player. Different company, easier operating system. Plugged it into the first computer and it burned itself up.

By this time we have been two days on this and I'm fed up. I take every thing back and I'm going to purchase an Ipod. I have one, know how they work. I specifically tell the girl I don't want a used one. She assures me I'm not getting one and I have a full warranty. So, it's $17 off the regular price. I buy it.

I arrive back at the condo with dinner and we eat before I tackle getting the music downloaded to the Ipod. As I start loading it and getting it registered I learn that yes, I do have a used Ipod. I'm livid. It is too late to go back they are closed. I am not feeling well, but I'm mad.

I contacted Best Buy. Not sure why I wasted my time. That was two weeks ago and all they have done is passed my complaint onto the district manager who could care less. I went in to talk to the store manager. They don't have one, you have to walk around trying to find the one for the department you have a dispute with. My thought was just stand in the middle of the stupid store and scream at the top of my lungs, but I didn't have anyone who could bail me out of jail. e

Seriously, you can't pick up a phone and page the manager???? How stupid is that. To make matters worse, no one told me when I bought my computer a year ago that I had to register to get my rewards. Something I only learned because my friend needed to check his. So, I register my account, but I cannot get credit for those reward points. That's how they rip people off. They should be automatic, they are not.

I am  done with Worst Buy. I am cutting up my credit card with them and closing my account. There is nothing on the planet I need bad enough to step into one of their stores again.

Customer service=epic fail. Rewards Zone=epic fail. Overall impression= bye bye


Monday, March 18, 2013

My Radio Interview and Other Stuff

If you missed the radio interview, I've got a link for it. Feel free to listen and give me feedback. I thought it went well.

Second on my list of things is a four star review I got today. I've got the link for that, too: Again feel free to leave feedback.

I am working to get my name out there and known. I have a good following, I just need to grow it bigger. I am in the process of putting my older books into ebook format for those who like ereaders. Be patient, there weren't ereaders when the books were published. One of them will need a new cover.

I am busy with the marketing part of my business while I await the copyright so that we can put the finishing touches on the book and get it sent to the printer. Waiting makes me crazy...oh wait, I'm already crazy.

Enjoy the links.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Radio Inteview

I had a great time with host Barbara Hodges and her other guest Denise Middlebrooks. I was interviewed the first half hour and Denise was interviewed the second half hour. I got some good questions and  hope I gave some good answers.

Denise is an editor and she said things that make a lot of sense. If you are a writer, you give your most polished piece of work to your editor. You need to have an editor who can work with you. One who will explain why something needs changing or why it doesn't work. Be sure you've read your work before turning to over to an editor. You want this to be as easy and painless as possible. Get your basic grammar right. If you're not sure have the local high school English teacher give it a read through.

I did get feedback from a friend who was able to listen to the interview on her cell phone. She said I sounded good and she enjoyed hearing it. It's always good to know someone is listening. It was broadcast on the west coast.

I also picked up an new connection on LinkedIn. It is good to have a wide network, you never know when you need to call on one of them for their expertise.

All-in-all, I enjoyed myself. It went smoothly. No trick questions.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Progress I Think

Today at a women's Bible study meeting I sold two books. One copy of Secrets and one copy of Cold Case: Sleeping Dogs Lie. The ladies made the mistake of asking me to talk about my writing. (insert hanging head). I answered their questions. One liked the poetry book because you can see what my writing was like in my teens and early twenties and what my writing was like as I matured. All in all it was nice.

After lunch one of the other ladies and I helped with dishes. We were asked by the hostess to stay a bit. She talked about how South Carolina came to have the only tea plantation in the United States. There is a real story there. It would require lots of research, but I cannot take it on until the Macy series is complete. I know there are at least two or three more books in that series. Two for sure.

Tomorrow night I have a blogtalk radio interview with Barbara Hodges at Red River Radio No Limits. If you know anyone in California, they can tune in at 3pm PST. (That's 6pm our time). The interview will be the longest one I've had and there will be call in questions from listeners. Hopefully I will not make a fool of myself.

For those awaiting the release of Crossing the Line....all I can say is soon. I am awaiting the Library of Congress information and copyright for the front of the book. Then it will be done and ready to go to the printer. Once I have a proof copy, I can take orders.

As soon as I get my computer back on Thursday, I can get back to work on Sanctuary. I don't expect that one to be out this year. I will be sending it out for review. I have a list of reviewers to send it to. I am ready to get back into to it and see where it will take me. I am also mulling over where book four, Something Borrowed, Something Blue will take me. I hope to work on it while Sanctuary is being reviewed, so there will not be such a long delay between books.

I am also awaiting a book from a new author. I am excited to work with her and get her conspiracy thriller off the ground. It has wonderful potential. It will be exciting launching someone else's career. I am networking to find places for book signings and radio interviews. I am learning to write press releases.

Seems as though I'll be busy for a while.

Friday, March 1, 2013


They arrive annually whether we want them to or not. This is my cake for one. Most of my birthdays are spent alone. Not that I care. I take myself to dinner and have a good book to read with my good food.
This morning, however, something special happened. There was a knock on the condo door and a delivery man was there.

He had the above package for me with a card from the night manager at the front desk. I have not seen her for a year. It was nice to be remembered. We had talked in the wee hours this morning because my computer service kicked off. 

I had tons of well wishes from friends and family. Those always brighten my day. Several people called. So, I am never really alone. I also got a text or two. 

I don't care how old I am anymore. Age is just a number. Some days I feel like I'm 102, other days I feel like I'm 17, and still others I feel like I'm where I should be. 

It was a great day. I walked on the beach. Met a woman staying in one of the villas. Took myself to dinner. Ordered chicken nachos and had enough to bring home for dinner tonight. Had a drink....hate that the bar feels they must water their drinks. I don't drink much and I know my limits. Bought the cake and a small ice cream on the way home. Nice peaceful evening. 

Thanks to all those who made an effort to wish me well.


My laptop has been at full capacity for the past two weeks. It's nice to be consistently writing again. It's been hit or miss for...