Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Welcome to the New Year, New Life

I have moved from my home in South Carolina back to Michigan.
It is currently under contract.
Sorry no photo of my current residence.

My new website for my writing coach business has launched. you will find it here:
I am blogging there on writing topics. I'm offering my first 18 week class for 2018. Start Your Novel. Cost of the class is $150 for the whole 18 weeks. There is a companion book for $10.95 available at amazon.  www.amazon.com/Starting-Novel-Rebecka-Vigus/dp/197946649/

Class is starting  Jan. 30th 8pm EST on your computer. I will teach the class through zoom and follow with a Question/Answer session. Don't miss your chance to sign up. Follow the link on my website to join.

I am back to being live on Facebook, PeriScope, and YouTube you can follow me there. I have not set a schedule yet, but I'm there at least once a day.

I am still settling into the new abode. Moved in with my boyfriend and his youngest daughter. Finding a place for my things has been a task. I now have a sort of office set up in the living room. It helps. I was able to get hanging rods in the hallway for my clothes. Another help. I only have a two step stool for getting into cupboards. I think I need three steps. I cannot reach the top shelf in the cupboards and I need to be able to do so. 

Tomorrow I'm returning Direct TV and AT&T items. Old modems and a DVR to At&T and all the equipment for Direct TV. I have issues with Direct TV not abiding by their own contracts. Someone needs to put them out of business. I agreed to a contract of $64.53 for 12 months with three free months of HBO, Cinemax, etc. After a month of usage they are telling me I will now be paying $72.75/mo. NO, I canceled everything immediately. They informed me if I did I would owe, $480 for early cancellation. I told them NO, they breached their own contract and they could take me to court before I would pay them $480. No, judge is going to rule against me. The final bill from them is $10.36. Funny, I was right. People, know your rights. They had a contract and they broke it. Who was in the wrong? They tried to tell me it was because I didn't have AT&T unlimited wireless. It was never part of the discussion as I have always had Verizon Wireless and I told them that up front. So, since they tape record everything, they have this on tape. I am doing fine with Amazon Prime Video and Netflix. If I want live I go to a website where I can get live. $8.25/mo is working fine for me.

I am networking with women entrepreneurs across the world. We are creating jobs and starting dialog to build our businesses. Lilac Publishing has four authors and is doing well. I am doing well as an author, I'm just starting the coaching business and am hoping it, too will flourish.

Here's hoping 2018 is starting off well for you.



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