Saturday, September 10, 2022

Big News!!!

 I have just joined the Kroger Author Program. It will allow me to do book signings in Kroger stores. I better get writing some more books. Seriously, if you are a writer and are interested in this program leave me a comment with your email. I will be happy to send you the information. I think it is an opportunity to travel as well as make money. I also believe in helping authors get started, this is one way to do it. You will not be with a group of authors where you and your book get lost in a crowd. This is YOU in a high traffic store selling your book to anyone who wishes to buy one. I am excited about the program and really do want to share it with anyone interested.

My client is launching his book in Flint, Michigan since that is were much of his book takes place. 

If you know anything about the downtown area of Flint, you can reach this bookstore by following Corunna Road east to where it meets Court Street. If you get to the White Horse Tavern you have gone too far. The bookstore is be for the tavern on the same side of the road. I understand there will be several authors there at the same time. 

 I am working on about 6 books at the moment. I am hoping to get at least four of them completed for 2023. If you cannot find me I will be hammering out books on my computer. I cannot at this time tell you the order they will come out in. I am also working on a short story for an anthology the Pulaski Writer's Alliance is putting together about the area we live in. 

Anyone who knows me well also knows I am back to selling Paparazzi Jewelry and am up to my eyeballs in crochet projects. Seriously, I think I need a housekeeper so I can keep up with my projects.

I have a conference coming up in October so, it will keep me busy and fire me up. Like I said, you may not be able to find me from now until Christmas and we will see what happens after that.

Happy reading and writing!


Saturday, August 27, 2022

Bet You Thought I Quit Blogging

 Nope, I didn't quit. I've just been very busy. I'm not going to recap from August of 2021 to catch up either.

What I am going to do is tell you I am starting a new rewards program for my readers and writers. But, before I get to it, let me tell you what's coming.


This is the debut memoir of one of my coaching clients. I will keep you posted on when it goes on pre-sale and when it will release. When you are raised by outlaw bikers, life isn't always peaches and cream. But, he was all boy before growing up. This book will make you laugh, cry and be angry. It's well worth the read.

    My book Let's Write Fiction: Tears, Fears, Confidence, Book is due out the end of September. It will also be followed by classes in writing for those who want to write a novel or memoir.

Third: This is the big one.

  I will be offering a rewards program for my readers and writers. I am in the process of setting it up now, so stay tuned for it to happen in September. 

  In the meantime, I am busy crocheting baby layettes and trying to get my poetry book back into my computer so I can get it released again. I have three other books in the works for 2023. 

 I've also learned I require a mask for sleeping. My eyes are drying out too much. Funny the girl whose eyes were always watering now has dry eyes. It's one of the side effects of sleeping with eyes only partially closed and cataract surgery. Here's hoping I never have to do the other eye. I tried several sleep masks starting with one someone sent me with something I ordered. It did not black out the room and it was awful, Through trial and error I happened on the Sleep Monkey mask, It is everything it says it is and more. I can sleep anywhere and get a restful sleep,  If you're looking to try it, you can find it here: Yes, I bought it from Amazon then later bought two more so I am not without while one or two are being laundered. 

That's a wrap for now.


Wednesday, August 11, 2021

It's Been a While

 Much has happened since the last post. 

This was released in March 2021. The last in the Macy McVannel series. I do think Macy will return in later  books, just not as a part of the series. 

Then this has happened:

This is a collection of short stories I have been working on for a couple of years. My former ebooks were placed into  this book. It is hardcover, paperback and ebook.

I am looking at getting all of my books into audio books and Mp4 downloads. It is a work in progress.

The current project is a Christmas book, this year it is not a children's book. I will work on a children's Christmas book every other year.

I have books in the works for 2022 already. I'm getting Only a Start & Beyond ready for it's third edition. Let's Write Fiction will be coming out with writing programs built in. Keep watching for those to come up. Chaos is a thriller I am working on. The Standard Bearer is middle grades historical fiction based on the Battle of Mill Springs during the Civil War. I have a beginning chapter book titled: Karson Kids: Buried Treasure. Those are all keeping me busy. 

I've been having work done on the house. My main bathroom has been remodeled. The two decks are under destruction. It needs to stop raining long enough for them to finish. I am looking at a new roof for the barn and my arts & crafts room being torn out and redone, with insulation, a heating and a/c unit, new walls, flooring, and lighting. Eventually there will be some remodeling done in my kitchen and half bath. Then I will do some serious landscaping, I have a koi pond I want working and a gazebo in that area. My garage needs lights and a garage door opener. I want the lawn around the house to be flower beds. I am planning a lilac hedge row along the road side of the yard. I want hydrangeas and a rhodendron tree. I also want a burning bush, a flowering almond, a field of lavender, and a magnolia tree. My maple tree has to be moved so it is nowhere near the electrical wires. There is lots to be done. 

Meanwhile I am going through family photos and am almost ready to start sending them out. I cannot possibly keep them all. I will organize the ones I do keep. No one should have to shoulder this again, 

My website is up and running and you can find all my books there. More will come in the next year. Hope you all are keeping busy.


Monday, February 15, 2021


 Today an offer was accepted on the home where I spent my teen years. I had to be done as no one lives there anymore. All of us kids are scattered to the four winds. I have one sister who still lives only a mile away, but she has her own home to worry about. My brother lives the farthest south, my youngest sister live the farthest west, and I live in the foothills. 

I remember my Dad and Grampa building it. When they let me off the bus after school, my grandparents would be there. Gram always had a snack and Grampa would be laying block for the foundation. For the first two weeks of my 7th grade year, we live in a local motel. Mom or Dad dropped me off for school and I caught a bus to the property after. We moved a mobile home onto the property in front of the construction zone. 

I remember Dad walking off a board for a bismark donut one day and scraping up his back. Another day he was carrying tar paper and missed a step also tumbling to the foundation. There was also the day he off balanced himself on the ladder and it came down. How he didn't kill himself I will never understand.

We moved into the house in October the year I was in 8th grade. By then we had all learned to mix morter, string a brick line, and had laid a row of bricks on the back of the house. Even Mom laid brick. When the sub floor went in before the walls went up, every kid in the neighborhood had his/her dad's hammer and we were all pounding in nails. One every 4 inches. It was a project. 

The project was in the family until now. Fifty-five years and it's help up well. It has good bones. I am glad the family who bought it has children. The house needs kids. 

It is the first home my daughter lived in. The first four years of her life were here. My nieces and nephews have all made some memories here. It was a good place to live. It was a safe haven, if we needed it. It was where love was.

We raised dogs there as well as chickens. There was always a garden. As a kid we mowed the lawn with a push mower, all taking a turn. There were apples, cherries, pears, and mulberries. Dad also planted strawberries and grapes. As we grew older, Dad filled us up with veggies from the garden and eggs from the chickens. 

There is no place to go home to anymore. But it was a good place at the time. 


Thursday, January 21, 2021

New Year, New Ideas, New Game Plan

 I am a bit behind in wishing everyone a Happy New Year!!! My new year had a quiet start for which I am very grateful. It gave me time to absorb the changes in my life that began in November 2020 with the death of my Mom. No, she did not die of Covid-19, in the long run it did help the process. Being isolated at age 90 is never a good thing. Yes, my sister saw her every day and so did my brother-in-law. But, she could not attend the teacher luncheons anymore, because Michigan spent most of the year in lockdown. My siblings are also grieving as are Mom's grandchildren. They do it in their own ways. 

I have again chosen to write letters to Heaven. This time they are not just to Dad. I write to them both. The letters are in a journal and allow me to keep the sad days at bay. Neither of them saw my new place. Dad was gone when I bought it and Mom was not well enough to come down, although she wanted to.

My two biggest fans of my books are gone, Mom had a copy of G is for Gymnastics and she had seen the layout for Santa is for Real. Something Borrowed, Something Blue is about to launch in Febrary. 

While watching a so-so movie the other day, I came up with four story ideas, so, I am still writing. My brain won't let me. Would anyone be surprised to learn the title of one is Macy's Big Day? Tentative Title for one is Who Killed Donna Dorrance? Their is a Sanctuary spin-off dealing with elder abuse, When Parents are Hurt, a second Sanctuary spin-off Lizzy's New Home, and Teddy Brinker and Tommy Huff return in Valentine's Surprise. These book will not see the light of day before 2022 if not until 2023. I have the current ones to finish. 

As to my new game plan, well I will continue writing, coaching and selling Paparazzi Jewelry. Everyone needs a side hustle. I am also finding ways to give back. With all my books there are charities who are getting $1 for each book sold. I am continuing to do this with each book I write. I will be fitting them into one of my charities. G is for Gymnastics goes to Holt-Mason-Dansville  Gymnastics Program. Santa is for Real goes to Ele's Place. Secrets is going to KY Victims of Violent Crime. Out of the Flames goes to the Faubush Fire Department. I would have to look up the others to find out where they are going. If I can I will see if I can get the charity listed under the book on my website. 

If you have not checked out the website: you should. All books can be personalized when purchased from the site. Just tell me who is getting it. 

Hope your New Year is taking shape.


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

You Know You're Old When....

You wake up one morning and cannot lift the mug you made tea in. It happened in early September. Foolish me, thought I might have slept on it wrong. The pain seemed to be below my  right elbow. Took me three weeks to go see the doctor. Nothing seemed to help. X-ray showed I have the beginning of arthritis in my elbow. I have a good gel I can use for a couple more days, then I have to be off it. I causes renal failure. I already have kidney issues. 

Then I go for my yearly eye exam. My eye doctor decides he needs a different eye test. My eyes have retinopathy. But, it's not bleeding. So, I get a referral to a retinologist.  This doctor has a photo taken of my eye. I've been having these photos taken for years. My eye doctor in Gaylord, MI used to show them to me and we compared them with the previous year looking for changes. Since I left Michigan, those photos have been locked up like state secrets. I do have the start of retinopathy. It is something we will monitor from year to year. I also have the start of cataracts. Hmmm, those started three years ago. I am aware of them. My request when the time comes it that they don't take my near vision. 

So, I figure I am officially "old." Is it going to slow me down. Maybe for a minute. You'll have to see if you can keep up. As soon as I locate my weights I will be strengthening the muscles in my arms. I am teaching myself to do some simple things left handed. I might get there. Then figured by the time my right elbow stops working my left one will have arthritis. It is what it is.

Here's to moving on.



Sunday, June 7, 2020


My laptop has been at full capacity for the past two weeks. It's nice to be consistently writing again. It's been hit or miss for too long.

My poetry book is ready submit for it's second edition. My short story collection is looking for a title. The alphabet book is with the publisher. Something Borrowed, Something Blue is with three editors. I am 12, 198 words into Let's Write Fiction. That translates into 48 pages. I'm in the middle of chapter nine.  The Christmas book is written and needs a few illustrations in black and white.

It looks like from Sept through March I will have at least six books releasing. I'm going to keep my publisher busy. I am working on three other books for 2021. I have a Christmas book for adults in the works, a novel titled Chaos, and a middle grade book titled The Standard Bearer. All have good starts. I have not looked at the list of books for 2022 as I can't think that far ahead.

I know I am introducing the Duchess of Somerset in 2022 as well as a middle grades sci-fi book featuring Duddley Wisebottom and Wilber Braintree, there will be a children's Christmas book, age level undecided. A possible spin-off from Sanctuary, possibly relooking at Who's Watching Willow? Just to keep you all guessing. I am working on 365 Days of Writing Prompts. 2020 has given us more than enough ideas.

Once the writing book is done, I want to do something with my badly neglected house. The dust bunnies are taking over. Which is never a good thing. I have two beautiful bookcases to put together, two mouse holes to get plugged. A bookcase to move into my hallway and I need to order a book case to go in my office. There are at least a dozen other projects I need to get done. Emptying all the drawers in my kitchen, cleaning them and spraying them with peppermint oil. Then refilling them. I have some sanding to do on the drawers in my bathroom vanity. They need a good sanding and a fresh coat of stain, some new updated knobs and it will look like new. Will be sanding the frames, too.

I have a beautiful sign that needs polyurethane on it so it can hang at the end of my drive way. Need to dig a hole for the post. Will put some cement in it to make sure it stays.  There is gardening to be done. A koi pond to get cleaned out so it can be redone. Some deck boards to be replaced so I can put Trex on them. Finally, the swimming pool needs a new liner and pump. I have a couple of pot holes in the driveway that can use some of the rocks that have been scattered around over the years and no one has raked them back into the driveway.  Just some maintenance things. I have a huge  wisteria bus to get cut down so it will not kill the trees it is climbing up.  I need to purchase a new garage door opener and have it installed. The current one is dead. Then, I can completely clean out the garage and know I can put the door down and not worry if it is coming up again.

When I finish all this, I'm going to sit on the front porch and watch the sun go down. Or the back deck and watch the sun come up. For now, I'm happy with what is done and I'm heading to bed.


Saturday, May 9, 2020

It's Been a Rollercoaster

First: This is finished!!! I can coach this.
All course work is completed. I will be adding this to my coaching programs.

The friend who is putting together my website has her computer back. So we should be making progress. All of my current coaching programs are ready to go. 

Then this happened.
This is my MSU graduate. Megan has majors in neuroscience and psychology. She is on to graduate school. So very proud of her.

I have been busy getting programs ready and working on books. My alphabet book is with the publisher. I have to work on the copyright and look to see it in October. My current schedule for books is September, October November, December, January, February and March. Beyond that is unknown.  I am writing and recording as quickly as I can. As they will be available in hardcover, paperback, ebook, audiobook, & Mp4 download. I am also recording my Freelance writing course which I hope to have out soon. I have nine downloadable PDFs for writers. 

I am working my way through The Deeper Path coaching program. The result is going to be another book. This one will be non-fiction.  I don't see it before the end of 2021 or early 2022. I have to fit it into my current book schedule. 

I am truly fed up with the social distancing and isolation. I am keeping busy, but some days I don't feel productive. I miss people. I miss family. I could careless about material wants. There is nothing I need outside my home that cannot wait until a later time. 

Missing people, missing family but I have faith this too shall pass. I am keeping busy and have many projects in store. Most are things I can do myself without having to hire it done. This will keep me busy. 

I had a successful telesummit on May 6th. Seven womenprenuers got together to show how their businesses help support other women. It was titled I am My Sisters' Keeper and you can find it on my Facebook timeline. I am the fourth speaker, but all had good things to add. 

Otherwise, I just keep plugging away at writing. Hope you are all well, social distancing, and being safe.


Friday, April 3, 2020

Conference, Disappointment, Excitement

All this in the past week. I don't know what to think.

    First, Kary Oberbrunner launched an online conference for his tribe Igniting Souls and their guests. You could have had the FREE general admission version or upgraded to the VIP version. I did the VIP. I got my money's worth on the first session with Carrie Wilkerson. The entire thing was amazing. 

  Then came the not really disappointment, but disillusionment. I received a phone call today from someone interested in my poetry book Only a Start and Beyond. I was confused because the book is currently out of print. It will go back into print later this year. The long story short, they wanted me to pay $850 to publish through them and they would pay me 60% of the royalties. I did not laugh into the phone, but this is a vanity press. Indie publishers do not charge you to print your book. Or they charge you and give you 100% of your royalties. They don't take from both. I finally, when I could get a word in, told her I was not interested. As I am hanging up, she is saying but you won't get international distribution. Wrong. I have been getting international distribution for years.

Then this happened.
  Yes, I am taking the proper courses to be able to coach this program and blend it with my own.
But there's more.
Again, I am taking the training for this program, too. Yet, there is still more.
I have work to do on this one to be fully certified. I am certified now, but I need to go through the programs so I feel competent in coaching them. 

All three can be done separately or can be combined with my writing coaching.  I can do one day trainings, weekend training, 5 day training or the entire complete program. This also makes me part of the Igniting Souls Team. 

I am currently finishing up some books, working on new books, and getting others ready for publication. 

After spending 11 days fully quarantined, I ventured out today. I needed new tires on my car. They only come with one spare. I also needed to grab a few things from the grocery store. I was amazed at the number of people who were out and about. The grocery store I chose to shop in had almost no customers and four cash registers open. It was delightful knowing what I normally face.  I am requesting curbside pick up for my diabetic sensors at Walmart. I'm not standing in line 2 hours just to get in the door, then waiting who knows how long to get the sensors. 

 I have my work cut out for me for the next 10 or so weeks. Hope you do, too. If you don't see me much on Facebook, don't panic. I'm alive and kicking.


Saturday, March 7, 2020

Finding the Light

When you have walked in darkness, finding the light is hard. 2020 started in the darkness. I was lost. I don't know what brought on the depression. I just know it was there. It actually took me days to recognize it for what it was.

My daughter, my mother, and a few of my close friends were worried about me. I was sleeping 14-16 hour of my day. My days and nights were backward. I had no motivation. Things I love to do...write, crochet, they were not being done. I was dragging myself out of bed and taking up residence in my recliner chair. I breezed through reruns of NCIS-the first 15 seasons, Criminal Minds the first 13 seasons. I have no idea what else as I was really only half listening to any of them.

I tried writing and mailing letters but it became a chore and I wasn't keeping up. Get up for church on Sunday morning...why? I could pick up my Bible and read it anytime. There are at least three or four close to my chair.

I was reading. All the books I haven't gotten to yet. I've read a couple on the Holocaust, knowing those poor souls endured things I could not even imagine.

I did manage to get my alphabet book illustrated. But I still have no website. I cannot list build, I cannot offer courses, I cannot be on podcasts without a website. It has been in the works since May, 2019. It was supposed to be up and running December 5th. Then it was postponed to January 12th. Well, it's March the third month of the first quarter of 2020. I still have no website. I am frustrated.

I was frustrated in December when my then publisher threw me under the bus after 8 years. No explanation, just left me high and dry with four books ready to come out in 2020.

Finally, I decided to see my doctor. Thank you, Megan Kline. I might not have done it without your courage. I am off depression medications. I am seeing a therapist, so hopefully I will never get to this point again. I am slowly coming into the sunlight. Figuratively as well as physically. The last week of February saw me out of the house 5 out of 7 days. The first week in March has not seen me out as much, but I have been out. I am not where I want to be yet. I am working on it.

Soon, I will be taking a short trip to Michigan.  I am looking forward to it. I will back home again in May to see my stunning granddaughter graduate from MSU. I am planning a trip to visit friends in SC before summer hits. I am working with the other person in my mastermind group to get a website up. One that I can manage when we are done. One that will allow me to offer products for writers and writing programs as well as purchase my books directly from me. They can even be personally autographed. I am learning how to market my books and products so I can bring in more sales.  I have a meet the local authors book signing in April. Where I will be taking pre-sales of the alphabet book.

Things are looking up. I have walked, crawled, and struggled to find my way back. I will overcome the obstacles I face and be stronger for it.

I belong to a tribe of people who uplift me daily and most of the time they don't even know it. I am fortunate to have found them. They are a new and bigger life. One to be lived to the fullest.

I'm even writing again. I am contemplating putting together a bookcase this afternoon so I can get rid of some boxes in my house.

Hope all are well.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

I've Been Quiet

Many of you have seen this design before. It was on the backs of my first books. It was my publishing company.  I was lucky enough to publish for four other talented writers. 

Behind the scenes of my publishing company were the awesome book designs of Blue Harvest Creative. After a while, BHC became BHC Press and my publisher. I still retrained my place as an independent author. Then in 2017, I was informed they were going to be my new publisher and would not be an independent author anymore. So I awaited my contract and nothing came. In 2018, I put out Rescue Mountain under the Open Window label as part of BHC Press. In the fall of 2018,  They stopped doing designs for Lilac Publishing. Which with changes at Amazon, put me out of business. 

I still had no contract for my books. I kept writing.  I finally got a phone call,  after three delays. 
 At which time I needed to send any completed work and a 5 yr writing plan. I sent the 5 yr plan and three of my completed works to them within a week. I had two more I was working on. These were books they were to schedule for 2020. 

After a conference in October 2019, I sent an email asking if they still wanted to be my publisher. They took a week to reply then set up a phone call. I missed a Pulaski Writers Alliance meeting to be available or the call. I got a text 30 min before the call and there was a family emergency, could we reschedule for two weeks? My answer was yes, and prayers for their relative. (I was suspicious because a year earlier it had been an emergency with his wife.) But I rescheduled on my calendar. At noon on the day of the call, I get a text he has laryngitis. He will call the following Friday same time. I respond with get well. Once again,  reset it on my calendar.

The following Friday is the Christmas Luncheon at King's Chinese Buffet. I turn off my phone while at the Christmas celebration. We have a nice lunch and I head to the parking lot, turning on my phone. There is a message.  It says: I might call a little late I'm working on something. I see it was sent an hour ago. So, I put my phone in my purse. I suspect he doesn't want to be disturbed while he is working for a text saying: Okay. So I don't send one.

At 3:09 pm I get a text saying I am just finishing up and I'll call soon. I think okay. Get everything ready for our talk. The call still hasn't come.

BHC Press has sold out to the big 5. Part of the deal is they cannot accept anyone who has been self-published. This leaves me out. The put off is so he doesn't have to tell me he has done nothing with the three books I sent him and he can no longer work with me because I am self-published. He also has made it very clear he doesn't like the idea of me becoming a writing coach because in his eyes I will not have time enough to write. 

As of this time, I have coached three classes and written four books. I am in the process of getting the first of the 3 books previously held by BHC Press illustrated. Actually, I'm waiting on the cover art. This is an alphabet book and is expected to go on pre-sale in March with a release in April.

The second book will be my poetry book in it's second edition. No date at this time. Book three will be my writing book: Let's Write Fiction. I'm thinking Sept for pre-sale October for release. Book 4 is Santa is for Real a middle grades book hopefully for pre-sale in October with the release in November. There is a short-story-book and I am not sure I can fit it in this year. 

However for my Macy fans. The last Macy book, Something Borrowed, Something Blue will be early in 2021. If the short-story book does not make it out this year, it will be out second in 202. I have other books I am looking forward to writing this year, so they will be ready for 2021. 

Yes, I do have a new publisher. AAE will be my publisher. My books have to meet their guidelines, I will still be considered an Indie Author, however: you will be able to find my books in Barnes and Noble. in the future.

Being thrown under the bus by one publisher has allowed me to find a publisher who can help me grow,

Happy writing!!!

Big News!!!

 I have just joined the Kroger Author Program. It will allow me to do book signings in Kroger stores. I better get writing some more books. ...