Monday, February 6, 2017

Bad Things Happen to Good people

The following post was made by my granddaughter yesterday. It is the first step toward healing for her.

Megan Kline
Yesterday at 9:38pm
I've kept this on the down low because for a long time I didn't know how to say it. I still don't, and it's been a rough road, but I've had a lot of people ask why I've been home so much. So, 3 months ago today a person I told almost everything to, had become pretty close to, and someone I considered a good friend decided I was an object to be used for his own satisfaction. 3 months ago I was drinking with friends (yes I'm aware it's illegal). I was not drunk, at the hospital... my BAC was equal to about 2 beers. Although illegal, I was not out of control. Until I told said "friend" I didn't feel well. My toxicology scans glowed with signs of a date rape drug. 3 months ago I had 3 seizures, two with the medics and one in my friend's arms. During two seizures I stopped breathing, one lasting 30 seconds and another lasting longer, making my heart rate go through the roof. The medics said they weren't sure I was going to make it to the hospital. 3 months ago I sat on a bathroom floor crying and holding my blood stained hands between my legs, after waking up in said "friend's" room without pants on. 3 months ago I wasn't only raped, not only was my virginity taken without my consent, but I lost all sense of trust and security in almost everyone. Almost 3 months ago a cop told me it was my fault justice would never be served because I couldn't remember, and almost 3 months ago my rape was blamed on me. Coping with this (for lack of a better term) has been almost impossible. I've been home because it's the one place that feels "safest." Rape isn't just sexual assault. Rape takes so much more from a person than one would think. And I now 150% understand why rape culture is a thing. My faith in justice is non existent, but my belief in karma is strong and I know the "person" who did this has it coming.
This breaks my heart. The worst part is Central Michigan University wants to sweep it under the rug. They did find a different dorm for him to live in. Really??? They gave him the guest apartment after it happened. What did they do for Megan? Told her to let them handle it. So moving him someplace else on campus is their idea of handling it???? Epic Fail.

This incredibly worthless piece of humanity has stolen from her things that cannot be replaced. Trust, feeling safe, part of her memory, almost her life, and her sanity. Even the cop told her it was her fault because she couldn't remember. When is it ever a woman's fault when someone rapes them????

I am appalled it takes 6 weeks to 6 months to process a rape kit in Michigan. No wonder they never get to court. Witnesses could be gone by then. There is no justice for the victim.


Thursday, December 29, 2016

What a Whirlwind!

It has been abundantly busy. The three weeks I was home between Thanksgiving and returning to Michigan for Christmas kept me so busy I could not even post.  First I finished up Christmas shopping and all but one gift. Wrapped everything and got it loaded in the car.

Then, Lilac Publishing put out a book by a new author. Are you looking for a great western? One geared more to the life of the Native American? I have one for you.

This book is awesome. Faced with the death of his father, half-breed Swift Wind seeks vengeance on the hunter who killed him and stole his furs. Returning from his quest, he finds the teepees in shambles, his mother and sister raped, and he is off again to avenge his family.
     Meanwhile, his white Uncle Brad comes to visit and proposes to make their lives different. His mother unable to feel comfortable in the cabin, returns to the tribe and her teepee. A visit from his wealthy grandparents gives them the opportunity to be part of a foundering village. Can they make the change? Will they remain true to their Native American heritage or will they embrace the world of the white man?

Windswept Press a subsidiary of Blue Harvest Press put out a 99cent short story for me.

This is my first attempt at a romance.
When a stranger washes up to shore after an intense coastal storm, Lily Collins' life will never be the same. Will the stranger turn out to be more than just an accident victim? Could love be on the horizon?

Finally we are working on a Lilac Publishing release. (For those who missed the memo, Lilac Publishing is a subsidiary of Blue Harvest Press). Isle of the Faeries by JoAnn E. Henderson will be released shortly.

I am busy editing my next book Rescue Mountain to be released the end of March. I'm also working on a forward for an Agatha Christie novel which will be released in early March. Finally for those who are waiting. Book 4 in the Macy series, Something Borrowed, Something Blue will get completed for release later this year. I have not forgotten her.

That wraps up 2016 fairly well.  Happy 2017 everyone.

Friday, November 18, 2016

South State Bank...Epic Fail

Recently I wrote a blog about banks going bad. Well, South State Bank in South Carolina is an epic FAIL.

They told me I could sign a paper and get out of the escrow account. Bring it, I can budget in escrow and I know how to manage MY money. Wednesday I got a call from an assistant to the loan person I dealt with. She has only been his assistant for six months and all she knows is she cannot help me. Please email her boss.

I emailed her boss and told him to make me a happy camper they need to cut the check for my property taxes NOW as they have the money to pay them. Send me the papers to close the escrow account. The cut me a check for the remaining amount they have and I'll pay the house payment and the interest.

Today while I am in northern Ohio, Vickie Battles calls me. She informs me she is the head of the escrow department. I'm thinking good we might be getting somewhere. Then she proceeds to tell me, my loan was written so the escrow account cannot be separated from it. WTF....Yeah that's what I said. However they can take $137 and change from my principle to cover the shortage and my payment will then be $969 and change/mo.

I flipped out on her. Told her she needed to clean house and get rid of the people who cannot do their job. They should have had my taxes in front of them before EVER redoing an escrow assessment. Well, we don't have them yet. UM, yes you do. Two of your inept employees have told me they have the taxes. PAY THEM NOW!!!

We have a certain time when we cut those checks. What part of PAY THE FUCKING TAXES NOW! Did you not understand????

Then she gives me her phone number so if there is another issue with my escrow account I can call her directly. IF there is another problem with my escrow account I will be seeking an attorney and I will sue the bank.

In the meantime I am looking into who is in charge of banking in South Carolina. I want this bank audited and if I can't get someone on a state level to do it, I'll be hitting up my Congress person and my Senator. The proverbial shit is about to hit the fan. It's going to get ugly.

Anyone looking for a nice house in South Carolina??? I have one which will be on the market as of October 31, 2017.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

When Banking Goes Wrong

A year ago on October 30, 2015, I got a home mortgage through South State Bank here in South Carolina. They will eventually go the way of Wells Fargo and will not darken our skies or our pockets.

I have them holding an escrow account for my insurance and taxes. In April, 2015 when the not so good hands at Allstate tried to soak me $800 extra a year for an accident I did not cause I went looking for insurance. I found some. I got a discount by switching both car and auto insurance. I paid for the new house insurance because I knew there was not enough in escrow to cover the change. The new company assured me they would NOT bill the bank. (They DID NOT bill the bank, they sent a notice of change).

The idiots running the escrow account paid for the new insurance anyway. Leaving my escrow account $600 in arrears. Wait, what? The person could not see the account would be short? They did not call to ask me about it? Nope. Just cut a check. So, my new insurance company sent my money back. I immediately called my agent. She pulled my account, no bill was sent. Notice of change in policy was sent. She called her contact at the bank. After talking to the bank it was deemed an error on the part of the bank and I needed to put the money back in my escrow account. But the account is still $600 short.

I go to the bank and deposit the money in escrow and want to know how to prevent this again? I want someone fired for this. Knowing it won't happen, I want them docked pay. Again not going to happen.

I have been watching the escrow account like a hawk. This is also the bank which does not acknowledge additional payment to the principle. It's a line item they have to account for it. It MUST show on my bill. Even my car payment which only gets about $0.38 extra a month has to show on the statement extra was paid to the principle. It has taken me six months to get them to put this as a line item.

Here comes October. They have to look at my taxes and insurance and figure out if there is enough money in the enough in escrow to pay the bills. All banks have a way to find out the current taxes even if they have not yet been billed. Once again the IDIOTS running escrow did not do this. They used a projected tax to figure out my new payment. In their infinite wisdom (insert dripping sarcasm), they determined I had a refund of $169 + change. So, they cut me a check and raised my payment $40 + change. Really???? So, I call again, because I also have the tax bill. They have figured it with an estimate and are off $127 + change. Oh, we'll do it again. Good how do I get out of an escrow account? We can send you papers to do that, please send them.

New papers on escrow account arrive Nov 10th. I now owe them $139 + change to keep my payment at $954.04 which is what it went up to the first time. Or my new payment will be $981 + change. Wait, if they had done the job correctly to begin with I would only have received a refund of $30 + change and a $38.36 increase in the payment.

I was in the bank this morning. There is nothing they can do at a branch bank because the escrow accounts are held in the Republic of Texas. Really, my local bank where I got the damn loan cannot help me with the damn loan. No one there is authorized to give me papers to dissolve an escrow account. They have to call the guy who got me the loan a year ago. He and I have already spoken on this issue once.  So, I'm waiting for Kevin to call.

I am closing the escrow account. I will open a savings account and put the money there and include money to cover my auto insurance, too. I know how to manage money. It's not money I had to spend anyway. I mean I'm putting away 7% of my pension to cover state income taxes every month. I know what I'm doing.

Millenials who are book smart and common sense stupid...must be the problem. No one with common sense would make this many errors on one account. I have a minor in accounting. I run a business. One would assume I do know a thing or two about how money works. The entire escrow department at South State Bank is a rip off.  Avoid them if possible. They will find a way to make your money come up missing.

Yes, I will be reporting them to the better banking soon as I find out how. They messed with the wrong person.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Finding it Difficult

Trying to get back on the diet plan. I'm finding it difficult. I know it is in my best interest for my health.

I think the issue is the amount of food in my fridge that spoiled while I was gone. It makes me crazy to throw away food. I saved some out which I thought was okay, not past expiration dates, not opened. Wrong.

The result was a mild case of food poisoning. So, I cleaned out all that could be tainted in anyway. Thursday, I will take myself to the grocery store and purchase the correct food items. Smaller quantities and plan how I am going to use things.

Now if we can be done with hurricanes, I'll be all set. I am trying to find my house and get back into the swing of my schedule here. Have a couple of doctor appts coming up. Have to get an oil changed on the car.

Need to get back to my exercises for my shoulder. Just need to sort out the mess I made in the house while scrambling to evacuate for Matthew.

It will take me the rest of this week. Then I have to prioritize the things which need to be done to make this house more livable. Which means finishing getting my office put together. Hanging wall art and painting my bathroom. The list is longer, but I won't bore you.

Blood sugars are once again coming down. This is a good thing. Time to get the crockpot out and start cooking. Also freezing the leftovers for another meal.

I got just takes time.


Saturday, October 29, 2016


I have returned to South Carolina. It has been an eventful month. First, the evacuation for Hurricane Matthew....I evacuated to Clarkston, MI.  My house suffered no damage, however I have broken limbs and debris all over the yard to deal with.

I had originally planned to stay a week to ten days. You know how plans go. Mike and I went to visit my parents on Oct. 9th. Then we stopped to see my sister, Diane, and her family. All in all it was a good visit.

Mike works days, so my mornings were spent with his oldest daughter, Stacie, and the menagerie of animals. (Three dogs and three cats.) I had plenty to keep me busy. Updating Facebook, reading and I did write seventeen chapters on the new book.

Ate out too many times, will have to restart my diet again now that I am home. Should have a better start on it before I return at Thanksgiving.

Oct. 8th in the evening I had an issue with my blood pressure so, we did not go see Mike's mom. We made up for it by going to see her on Oct 19th. I have times when for no known reason my blood pressure bottoms out. I have learned how to take care of it and avoid trips to the emergency room. Was great seeing Mike's mom. Not seen her in years.

I spent the afternoon of Oct. 15th in Mt. Pleasant, with my granddaughter, Megan. We had lunch,  picked out her Halloween Costume and just hung out. I got my CMU Grandma t-shirt and a sweatshirt as I did not pack cold weather clothes.

Oct. 21st, Mike had some surgery. His youngest daughter, Heather, and I kept each other company in the waiting room. It made for a long day for everyone. He had to be at the surgery center at noon. He was not taken to surgery until 1:45pm. He was in recovery by 3:05pm and we took him home about 4pm. He is recovering well. Well enough I could come home.

Left for home on Oct. 26th after driving to Lansing to take Jamie to lunch. Got as far as Wapakoneta, Ohio on my return trip. Texted Mike and asked him to text me the phone number on a piece of property in Kentucky...cannot hurt to look.

I called about the property when I finally reached Kentucky on Oct. 27th. Left a message on his answering machine. Called my Mom when I hit London, KY thinking I would not be able to see the property as I had not heard anything back.

My phone rang as I crossed the Tennessee border. It was the man with the property. I pulled into the rest area to get information and back tracked an hour and a half to see it. I had no real agenda. On the way, my phone battery died. Duh, forgot to plug it into the charger.  So, I  have no photos of the property or the house.

Suffice it to say the property is 125 acres of Heaven in the back of beyond. Exactly what we are both looking for. I have called the gentleman back with some questions Mike had. Nothing has been decided and if the guy gets an offer he is free to sell it. But it has potential. We shall see.

I drove the 35 miles back to London, KY...takes an hour and a half on two lane, twisting, winding, roads. Spent the night in London.  Called to let my daughter know she didn't need to send out the national guard. Mike's daughter, Stacie had been texting, too. Went to dinner, checked in with everyone and life was good again.

Rolled out on the 28th heading for Huntersville, NC to take my brother to lunch. He thought I was still in  Michigan. Oh, oops. We had a late lunch at the Sports Page in Mooresville, NC. I highly  recommend it. Burgers were great. Know the fried sweet potatoes have cinnamon & sugar on them. YUCK.

It took me from 4pm to 6pm to drive the 36 miles to the NC/SC border. Not only did I have Charlotte rush hour, I77 from north of Statesville to the SC border is torn up to widen it. Ugh. Should have stopped in Rock Hill, SC for the night, but knew I would be home in three hours so kept driving.  Big mistake. I should not be driving at night ever. My eyes are just not good for that anymore. I set the cruise on 61mph and stayed in the slow lane. There are no fast food places near me, so I stopped at BK about 4 miles from home. I will NEVER eat there again. I am so tired of them not getting the drive thru orders right. And it only made me angry and gave me a headache.

Finally crashed about 1:28am. Slept until 11:28am. Woke almost human. Showered, emptied the fridge of spoiled foods, and went to eat at Sunrise Bistro, just around the corner from me. Then I had a visit with the minister's wife. Love Meghan and Mark Hunt and their kids.  Came back home and really have not done much since.

Church in the morning tomorrow, then I tackle laundry, emptying the freezer of spoiled items, and just getting settled in again.

To say I miss Mike would be a gross understatement. To say he misses me would  be the same. Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I will be home. We have Thanksgiving dinner at Jamie's, because my son-in-law, Phil is an awesome cook.


Monday, October 10, 2016

The Journey on Hold

Last Tuesday, October 4th, my world got tipped upside down. Governor Nikki Haley called for a voluntary evacuation of the sea islands and Charleston, Berkeley, and Dorchester Counties as Hurricane Matthew approached.

I left early on Wednesday morning. I spent 11 hours in my car give or take a few minutes and made it as far as London, KY. Mind you while I tried to eat well on the road, it really wasn't working for me. Thursday saw me another ten or so hours driving. I landed in Clarkston, Michigan just after my significant other got home from work. I was so tired of the car I left everything in it and used his phone to call my mom and let her know I had safely arrived.

I could watch the wind and rain from the security camera on my alarm system, so knew how the front of my house was faring. Pretty much just the monsoon rains like from Floyd last year. I was smart enough to buy on high ground. So, I'm not in a flood zone. All the other areas around me cannot say the same.

Needless to say my diet has been completely messed up and it will remain so for the next couple of weeks. I knew when my power went out as my security system let me know it had gone to back up power. I knew on Sunday when the power came back, because once again I could see the view from my security camera.

I was messaged early today by my neighbor, my house has sustained no damage. He will keep an eye on it while I remain in Michigan to deal with some personal things. Once I am home again I will deal with getting myself back on track. Look for me to start posting again.

The results have been so good, I am no longer on the night time injectable insulin. I am maintaining well enough to remain off it.