Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rescue Mountain---Release Day

After months of hard work, Rescue Mountain is making it's debut. It is the product of a James Patterson class I took a year ago. The style of the writing is different and the characters and setting are fresh and new.

No spoilers other than it's a suspense novel. You can get it here:


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A-Z Blogging Challenge-Letter I

I is for inquisitive.

We need to ask questions. Inquisitive people question just about everything. They are curious as to the whys of things.

Don't be afraid to let them ask. Don't be afraid to point them in the direction of the answer. Sometimes they just want to know where to look. Or how to find the answer on their own.

Sometimes I think we forget when toddlers grow up, they are still trying to find out about the world. They will not necessarily want the red crayon for the flower. They may see it in a rainbow, or in some other shade. It doesn't mean they cannot follow directions or are color blind, their minds think differently.

Different is not a bad thing. It's part of what allows for inventiveness later on.

Are you inquisitive? I know I am.


Tuesday, April 11, 2017

A-Z Blog challenge---letter H

H is for honesty. Something this world is lacking.

I am tired of all the lies, thievery, and dishonesty. I don't know how to stop it. One thing I am sure of, is if you lie to me, we no longer have a relationship.

I've  been lied to by the best. I can spot a lie. After the past 48 hours, I've had it up to my eyeballs in dishonesty. So, I'm over it.

Be honest or go away. It's that simple.


Monday, April 10, 2017

A-Z Challenge-Letter G

G is for gotcha

While I'm sure gotcha is slang and not a real word, it fits today.  I was scammed on my computer last night by some company who filled my Google Chrome with viruses and looked like they were Microsoft. Foolishly I called the number. It was going to cost me $199.99 to get everything fixed.

This morning I learned of the scam, called my credit card company and have a new card coming...before they could bill it or charge to it. I now have a password on my computer, two spyware systems for the next thirty days, plus my Windows Defender. I am leaving nothing on it to work on, I'm shutting it down every time I walk away. All my passwords for everything have been changed.

I have learned my lesson, thankfully before anything catastrophic could happen. And the audacity of this place, they called me back today. Really? Like I am going to talk to them. I called them on being scammers and hung up. Blocked the number I'm so done with them.

Don't get caught. If they freeze your computer, just shut it down. Don't call them.


Friday, April 7, 2017

A-Z Blogging Challenge-Letter F

F is for failure.
Failure is seen as a lack of success. Edison did not give up when he failed. He kept trying.

Failure is the beginning of success, if you learn from your mistakes and keep trying, you will eventually be successful. (Note here, I did not say you would be rich).

I don't know how many stories I have started and had them run into a dead end. They got to a certain point and there was nowhere for them to go. My first novel, Secrets, had two totally different beginnings from what was finally published. The first two starts did not lead to my main character being a loveable librarian. They led more toward her being despised by all and a multitude of people who would be happy she was murdered. Not the image I was trying to portray.

Trial and error is the best way to learn. I have an unfinished novel, because I don't see a clear ending. I think I need  to relook at it with a different thought process in mind. The first two pages grab the reader, other parts keep the reader reading, and then it falls apart. So, it is a project for the future. Maybe an ebook and not a novel. Maybe a different direction will make it a novel. We shall see.

So, do you learn from your failures and try again?

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A-Z Blogging Challenge -Letter E

E is for enthusiasm.

Emerson got it right. If you are bored or apathetic, nothing will be accomplished. No goals will be met. On the other hand, if you are enthusiastic about what you are doing, and have your tasks lined up to meet your goals, you will most likely succeed. 

Sometimes the enthusiasm is there, but the goals are not. You need to have your goals in order to make your dreams come true. To bring your passion to life. 

I am a list maker. The lists are usually my tasks for the day. However, I do make long range plans. I can see beyond the end of daily housework. If I couldn't, Lilac Publishing would not exist. It does and I am proud. Can it be better, yes, I'm working on it. 

Can I be better at writing and promoting? Yes, I have goals to get me to the place I need to be. I'm not there, yet. I'm still learning. But, I can see the path. j

What are you enthused about?

A-Z Blogging Challenge-Letter D

Already I am a day behind. D is for Determination.
This young lady, Tatyana McFadden is determined to show others being disabled doesn't mean you can't be someone. I believe she was in the 2016 Para-Olympics. 

Being determined is different than being stubborn. When you are determined, you have a goal in mind and work toward it. You keep finding ways to achieve it.

I am determined to make Lilac Publishing successful. To date I have four authors under contract. One of my authors is working on two books. One of my authors, just finished her second book. One of my authors has a publishing date of May 3, 2016 for the debut of her first book.  I have to believe in my authors and give them opportunities to be successful, only then will we thrive. I have two books from my fourth author to look at for future publication. I am busy, but it's all good. 

Determination will take me through it. What makes you determined?

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

A-Z Blog Challenge--The letter C

C is for compassion. The sympathy and concern for the welfare of others.

Mother Teresa showed the truest form of compassion. Giving her life for the protection of others. It was her calling.

I work with a group of people who are trying to make a difference in the lives of people in the community. We are a service organization giving a hand up not a hand out. We do not have the finances to give people money, what we try to give them is dignity. We work with them to straighten out their finances and make a budget, we help the get additional schooling they might need to advance in the world, and we work with another mission group who does home repairs so, their houses are safe to live in.

For me this is about helping someone else. It is not me passing judgement or pushing my values on someone else. I have learned the people I work with have a deep sense of value and appreciate hard work. Most just don't know where to turn for help. Some get assistance from the state, most do not. Pride does not allow for them to accept something for nothing.

Compassion is doing something to make a difference for someone who is struggling. Not everyone can be Mother Teresa, but what small thing can you do for someone else?


Monday, April 3, 2017

A-Z Blog Challenge- B

B is for bountiful.
For farmers a good crop is bountiful. For those who've lost everything to fires, dozens of trucks rolling into your town loaded with hay and other crops to help, is a bountiful blessing. A convoy of trucks from Ogemaw County, Michigan left carrying agricultural supplies to Kansas.

The men who drove this convoy come from one of the poorest counties in Michigan, because the only industry there is farming. But, they know how to help a neighbor and they do all the time. These people are the unsung heroes of our country.

They understand hardship and making sure everyone has what they need. They are fearless. They are friends and neighbors. They understand bountiful to the fullest.  We can take a lesson from them. Look around, who in your neighborhood needs a helping hand? Teach them a skill, reach out to them. Allow them some bounty in their lives.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

A-Z Blogging Challenge Begins with A

A is for abundance, meaning a large quantity of something. 

My life is filled with abundance. I have been blessed to have taught school for my career, something I always dreamed of doing.

In my second career, I am abundantly pleased to not only be an author, but to be a publisher for first time authors. The amount of followers I have for my books gives me great pleasure and the repeat buyers for subsequent books tells, me I am doing something right.

I have been blessed with an abundant number of friends. Those near whom I can count on and those far whom I miss, but stay in touch with.

My life would be remarkably different if it were not for the abundance I have been blessed with. For those who are a part of my life, I cannot do it without you. For those who are strangers, I hope we meet.

What is abundant in your life?



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