Saturday, May 9, 2020

It's Been a Rollercoaster

First: This is finished!!! I can coach this.
All course work is completed. I will be adding this to my coaching programs.

The friend who is putting together my website has her computer back. So we should be making progress. All of my current coaching programs are ready to go. 

Then this happened.
This is my MSU graduate. Megan has majors in neuroscience and psychology. She is on to graduate school. So very proud of her.

I have been busy getting programs ready and working on books. My alphabet book is with the publisher. I have to work on the copyright and look to see it in October. My current schedule for books is September, October November, December, January, February and March. Beyond that is unknown.  I am writing and recording as quickly as I can. As they will be available in hardcover, paperback, ebook, audiobook, & Mp4 download. I am also recording my Freelance writing course which I hope to have out soon. I have nine downloadable PDFs for writers. 

I am working my way through The Deeper Path coaching program. The result is going to be another book. This one will be non-fiction.  I don't see it before the end of 2021 or early 2022. I have to fit it into my current book schedule. 

I am truly fed up with the social distancing and isolation. I am keeping busy, but some days I don't feel productive. I miss people. I miss family. I could careless about material wants. There is nothing I need outside my home that cannot wait until a later time. 

Missing people, missing family but I have faith this too shall pass. I am keeping busy and have many projects in store. Most are things I can do myself without having to hire it done. This will keep me busy. 

I had a successful telesummit on May 6th. Seven womenprenuers got together to show how their businesses help support other women. It was titled I am My Sisters' Keeper and you can find it on my Facebook timeline. I am the fourth speaker, but all had good things to add. 

Otherwise, I just keep plugging away at writing. Hope you are all well, social distancing, and being safe.



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