Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Good Stuff Keeps on Coming

Had someone reach out to me today and made me an offer I cannot and will not refuse. She's a business coach. She's having workshops the last week in September and has asked me to video conference with her during one of her sessions to talk about my new venture.  Wow! I am honored. 

It will be a good way to get my coaching business some expanded recognition. It will help me to kick-off on the right foot when I do launch. It is amazing how many people have come on board to help support me. I only hope I can return the favor. 

I'm building a team and a community all at the same time. 

It's about finding people you can partner with and working together for the best of both. I know who I will be calling to help my clients or friends with rebuilding after a crisis. 

I'm looking to create more partnerships where we can collaborate and help each other build our businesses.


Monday, August 21, 2017

Be Visible

To run an online business, one thing you have to be is visible. Everyone has to know where to find you. My Facebook pages are undergoing some changes so people will know where to find me. 

I started on August 16th making changes to my personal profile, my Lilac Publishing profile, and my author page. I also looked at my statistics.

My FB page had 910 likes 0 Followers
My Author Page 692 Likes 0 followers
Lilac Pub Page   172 likes   0 Followers
LinkedIn             414 likes   0 Followers
Twitter                               336 I followed    365 followed me
My blog                                                         119 followed me    48,412 page views.

Totals               2,181           336 I follow      484 followed me

I was a bit disheartened. Then I started making some simple changes. Believe me there are more to come. Don't' be shocked if my page looks entirely different from now on.

As of today I checked the statistics again.
My FB page    935 likes       16 followers     
My Author      723  likes      32 followers
Lilac Pub        172 likes          1 follower
LinkedIn         414 likes       474 followers
Twitter                                 366 followers   430 I follow
My blog                               119 followers                        48,508 page views

Totals             2,244            1,008 follower   430 I follow    48,508 page views.

I'm not disheartened anymore. I see the difference. I am up 63 likes, not a big deal, but a start.
My followers have grown the most at 524. Even my blog is getting more views up 96 views. 
I am doing something right. 

I have learned I will have more opportunities for success if I am visible. Until I get the next changes done. I will be consistent...story for another day.


Saturday, August 19, 2017

I Have a Dream

I have a dream. I don't know if I've shared it, but it's time to do so. My dream is to become a writing coach. To help new and struggling authors find their way through the publishing world. To help them become the best writers they can be. 

To achieve this dream, I have hired a business coach, Dawniel Winningham. She is a former VP from JP Morgan Chase. I listened to her for a good six months before taking the step to invest in my future. I've not regretted it yet. 

I am taking steps to making my dream a reality. I have two writing workbooks with my publisher so they will be ready for my first two classes. I took one of the books and have it scheduled into one day workshops, there are four so far. The first class is twelve (12) weeks. I'm looking at a weekend workshop, most likely in month two or three. 

I have changed my FB page and my FB author page. The results of these changes has been phenomenal. I will continue to make changes over the next few months. I am also changing the look of Lilac Publishing's Facebook page. I will try to feature my authors more.  

For those who are not aware, I also have a new publishing company for me. BHC Press has become my publisher, so my books will have different logos depending on the genre. All my books are being changed over, so bear with me if one day you cannot get it and the next day you can. It happens. 

I am going by this premise, in order to follow my dream, I must invest in myself and learn to be an expert. I have done this before, I will do it again. Following my dream means charging for my services. 

I invite you to join me on this endeavor, however if you feel you cannot, you can feel free to step out of the way. 

I'm following my dream.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Decisions, Decisions

Who do I choose for my webinars? where I can also get e-mail? I have to know these things before I can get a landing page. All businesses need a landing page. I need a landing page and then a website. One thing at a time.

I also have to decide what book signings/festivals I will attend next year. So far I have the Ann Arbor Book Fest. Which is pretty much a given. But I have all these choices, too: Detroit Book Fest, Great Lakes Book Bash, Once Upon a Book, The Blue Water Author Event, and of course my local stand-bys, Charlin's Book Nook and possibly one in West Branch or Rose City. Time to get on the calendars now!

Then there is Coach's big tour she does every year. I really want to be in three cities at three events with her. So, I need to get on her calendar.

I also need to get on the calendar at the local library to speak to their teen writing group. They only meet during the school year. I suspect nothing will happen there before January. Only because I'm going to be in limbo for a couple of months coming soon.

There are pros and cons to all of them. The logistics to be worked out. I know when I step back, this will start falling into place. I need the landing page before I can launch anything.

Along with all of this I need new head shots I can use. It's time to update everything. Big thoughts. Think I'll take a break and go back to working on Macy book four.


Thursday, August 10, 2017

Excitement is Builiding

I am not sure if I know where to start. I had lunch with a dear friend today and talked about my new venture. It's always good to talk to like minded people. When I got home I had an offer to do a speaking engagement with a teen writing group at the local library. I will contact them and see about setting it up. They wanted to know my speaking!

In class tonight we talked about how to produce more product without inventing the wheel. I got it. I'll have a list and dates on a calendar by next week, because I will be starting by November. Yes, November. Excited about it! I asked Coach in the Q & A what to charge, she told me to ask their budget and get a booklet prepared to sell. For now she says to get it typed and printed at a local print shop and have them run a plastic spiral through it. I can do this. I even have some ideas for what to put in it.

I made an executive decision to be at Coach's launch in 2018. Which means a few more coaching sessions, but I'm ready for whatever she throws at me. I am going to make this happen.

Had back to back classes with her tonight. Have a couple of classes I can do on my own. Am going to set a budget for the future. It's like the whole thing has blossomed in an afternoon and evening.

Hang on to your hats, the ride is starting.


Friday, August 4, 2017

The Kind of E-mails I love to See

An old book updated and with a new cover. This is a good one and I'm happy it's back on the shelves. 

If you have a teen or are the parent of a teen, this is a must read. Won't take you more than an hour. Good way for starting frank discussions with your child.



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