Monday, August 21, 2017

Be Visible

To run an online business, one thing you have to be is visible. Everyone has to know where to find you. My Facebook pages are undergoing some changes so people will know where to find me. 

I started on August 16th making changes to my personal profile, my Lilac Publishing profile, and my author page. I also looked at my statistics.

My FB page had 910 likes 0 Followers
My Author Page 692 Likes 0 followers
Lilac Pub Page   172 likes   0 Followers
LinkedIn             414 likes   0 Followers
Twitter                               336 I followed    365 followed me
My blog                                                         119 followed me    48,412 page views.

Totals               2,181           336 I follow      484 followed me

I was a bit disheartened. Then I started making some simple changes. Believe me there are more to come. Don't' be shocked if my page looks entirely different from now on.

As of today I checked the statistics again.
My FB page    935 likes       16 followers     
My Author      723  likes      32 followers
Lilac Pub        172 likes          1 follower
LinkedIn         414 likes       474 followers
Twitter                                 366 followers   430 I follow
My blog                               119 followers                        48,508 page views

Totals             2,244            1,008 follower   430 I follow    48,508 page views.

I'm not disheartened anymore. I see the difference. I am up 63 likes, not a big deal, but a start.
My followers have grown the most at 524. Even my blog is getting more views up 96 views. 
I am doing something right. 

I have learned I will have more opportunities for success if I am visible. Until I get the next changes done. I will be consistent...story for another day.


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