Saturday, January 31, 2015

Wow it's Been a While

We all have those nights when sleep won't come. This is one of those nights. I have no clue what is preventing sleep. I'm tired. The shut-off button in my head seems to be broken. Two hours I lay in bed tossing and turning. Finally I gave up.

I need my sleep. I get ornery and grumpy when I don't get enough sleep. It throws off my blood sugars, which I really don't need.

So, here I sit on my sofa, crocheting a baby afghan and streaming 20/20. Really? I can't find something more productive? I probably could, but I'm hoping the elusive sleep will over take me, soon. I do not intend to sleep all day tomorrow.

This little one has the right idea. I wish I could fall asleep as easily as a young child. If I can't sleep then something witty to write about would be my second choice. Tonight, I have nothing.

Sweet dreams.


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