Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On-line Dating????

I know I've given you the blow-by-blow on how awful I think on-line dating is but seriously. October, 2011 I finally agree to have lunch with W(you pick a male W name). We are meeting at the Big Boy in my town. I am a regular there and know I will be safe as they all know me by name. W shows up and is escorted to my table. We talk, have lunch, and then go for a walk in the park. I know this guy is NOT what I am looking for. He's not even in the stadium I'm looking at. But I am polite and we leave in separate cars.

One would think this is the end of the story but it's not.  A couple weeks later we have lunch again. It's still not working for me. He calls and e-mails. I tell him this is not the relationship for me. I am also breathing a sigh of relief that I am leaving the state soon.

On my way south I spent a night with my brother and low and behold I get an e-mail from W asking me if I am settled in yet. I tell him that I am not there yet, but will be fine. Then delete the e-mail.  Two or three days later, I get another e-mail from W. I politely tell him I don't want to hear from him again. I will not change my mind over the winter. I am NOT interested. Please do not e-mail me again. I delete him from my inbox as a contact and go on about my business.

Fast forward to January, 2013. I open my e-mail the other day to find one from W. He wants to know where I am wintering and did I have any idea how cold it is in Michigan. Ugh. I tell him I have returned to the same place and I know just how cold it is as my boyfriend is checking on my house and keeps me updated on the weather. Did this idiot forget that my family is in Michigan????? I talk to my daughter regularly. I have friends who e-mail and text. I talk to my parents and my sister. Seriously??? What part of I don't want to hear from you is unclear? So, I delete this thinking he will get the message.

Wrong. Today I get an e-mail, did I get a new computer last year? What kind did I get...blah...blah...blah.  Did he miss that I am in a relationship? Did he miss I am not interested? I chose to send the e-mail to spam and not answer it. I am hoping I will not get another. I am not putting up with this.  Thank goodness I was not stupid enough to give him my phone number or address. This guy has become downright creepy.

Stay away from on-line dating!!!!!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Loving Paradise

Should you wander onto Kiawah Island this is where you'll find me. Yes, it's January and that is flowering kale and cabbage. And it is beautiful. There is a red flower in bloom I hope to get photos of later this week.

I walk on the beach almost daily. Most times I have it to myself, but the weather has been unseasonably warm so some days there are others enjoying the sun. I've even been wading in the Atlantic. Yes, it's warm enough to do that.

Got a surprise e-mail from my publicist today. She has set up a speaking engagement/book signing for me at the Main Branch of the Charleston Public Library for next month. I am excite about it. I'll be posting more details as it gets closer.  If I had my way, I'd do a speaking/writing workshop/book signing once each week.

Edits on Crossing the Line are almost finished on paper. Then comes putting them into the computer. After that it's off limits until publication time. Which means I can go back to work on Sanctuary. YEAH!!!!

Connecting with friends I made last year has been wonderful. I am glad to be back. I'm making new friends, too which is always a good thing. I'm going to do some serious looking a housing/property while I am here this winter. This is going to be home one day. While not this island, one near it.

That's the news for now.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time to Return to Blogging

I know I won't get to this every day, but I'll shoot for at least once a week. I have returned to Kiawah Island for the winter.

This is a photo I took last year when I arrived on the island. While today was a bit grayer, the beach was pretty much something I had to myself.

It was drizzling and 54 degrees when I arrived. With the assistance of a porter, the car was unloaded within an hour. My daughter called as I was going to the beach to walk. Me, being me, locked all three keys in the condo. Took my walk, called my mom to let her know I'd arrived safely. Called my brother. Then headed back to the condo. Drove myself to the front desk where they sent a porter to let me in.

Surprise his key would not work. Maintenance was called. I laughed as it was the same guy who had to put in a whole new lock for me last year. He even remembered. He was able to get me in and we double checked my key. I proceeded to unpack kitchen items.

A wonderful friend brought me chili, mac and cheese pie and oranges for dinner. She didn't know what I might have here so tossed in what she had. I love how people take care of me. I am set for breakfast. And there is still chili for tomorrow. I will go grocery shopping tomorrow too.

I have now unpacked clothes and other assorted items. I feel like I have come home. I have some afghans to make. I have a book to do final edits on. I have a book to write. I have enough projects to keep me out of trouble for days. I also have books to read.

Looking forward to connecting with other friends at church on Sunday. There will be days to do more exploring. I have friends coming to join me while I'm here.  I am a bit bummed as it doesn't appear the couple downstairs is here and their condo looks to be for sale. I was hoping to spend some time with them. I enjoyed their company last winter.

I will endeavor to have new adventures and find new inspiration while I am here. Be sure to look for updates.


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