Thursday, January 3, 2013

Time to Return to Blogging

I know I won't get to this every day, but I'll shoot for at least once a week. I have returned to Kiawah Island for the winter.

This is a photo I took last year when I arrived on the island. While today was a bit grayer, the beach was pretty much something I had to myself.

It was drizzling and 54 degrees when I arrived. With the assistance of a porter, the car was unloaded within an hour. My daughter called as I was going to the beach to walk. Me, being me, locked all three keys in the condo. Took my walk, called my mom to let her know I'd arrived safely. Called my brother. Then headed back to the condo. Drove myself to the front desk where they sent a porter to let me in.

Surprise his key would not work. Maintenance was called. I laughed as it was the same guy who had to put in a whole new lock for me last year. He even remembered. He was able to get me in and we double checked my key. I proceeded to unpack kitchen items.

A wonderful friend brought me chili, mac and cheese pie and oranges for dinner. She didn't know what I might have here so tossed in what she had. I love how people take care of me. I am set for breakfast. And there is still chili for tomorrow. I will go grocery shopping tomorrow too.

I have now unpacked clothes and other assorted items. I feel like I have come home. I have some afghans to make. I have a book to do final edits on. I have a book to write. I have enough projects to keep me out of trouble for days. I also have books to read.

Looking forward to connecting with other friends at church on Sunday. There will be days to do more exploring. I have friends coming to join me while I'm here.  I am a bit bummed as it doesn't appear the couple downstairs is here and their condo looks to be for sale. I was hoping to spend some time with them. I enjoyed their company last winter.

I will endeavor to have new adventures and find new inspiration while I am here. Be sure to look for updates.

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