Friday, November 13, 2015

It's Been Two Weeks

Signed papers two weeks ago today and started moving some things in. The big move came the next day. I had four awesome guys from church who showed up and worked up a sweat. Big thanks to Karl Orlandt, Mark Hunt, Scott & his son. The movers ended up being an hour and a half late due to an early morning move. Be flexible.

The move went smoothly and we were done and the truck turned back in by 2:30pm. Then there were the boxes, which seemed to have multiplied before my eyes. The guest bedroom has the fewest boxes and will soon be a real room. The living room is the next room with the fewest boxes. While my bedroom doesn't have a lot of boxes it does have the most furniture in odd places.  The kitchen has a path on two sides of boxes. I'm getting them down, but not there yet. Cannot use the stove yet.

Washer and dryer are in and they work. No more laundry mat, YEAH. Yesterday the plumber was in to replace the heating element in my hot water heater. Cold showers are not my thing, at least not in November.

Painter came yesterday and gave an estimate. I am taking it because I will be months getting a painter if I don't. I want this done so I can get stuff unpacked and in place. I'm ready to be settled.

Many thanks to my friends at Sunrise Bistro for their free WiFi. Otherwise this post would wait until next week to be written. I don't have internet before Monday. My data plan is close to being maxed. I have over 200 messages in my inbox. I just picked the important ones today. (Painter's estimate and one from lawyer who handled the closing, you must have a lawyer to close on any house in SC.) I will be heading there as soon as I finish this.

The sprained ankle is on the mend most days I can go without the brace. Sometimes I wake up with it sore and the brace goes on. Most of the swelling has gone down. Who falls off a two inch cement slab and sprains an ankle? You guessed it. Next time I'll turn on the light. It was raining and I misjudged the step in the dark.

All in all things are coming together.



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