Friday, January 8, 2016

Looks Like Another Sleepless Night

Isn't that a a song? I'm so sick of sleepless nights. I just want to crawl into my bed, turn off my brain, and sleep. I don't think it's too much to ask.

It's not like I wasn't productive today. I guess just not productive enough. The dishes are done, the laundry is done, a suitcase is completely empty and put away. I've taken out garbage. Handled the mail and talked for hours to CitiCards because they are stupid. How do you get charges on an account that was closed two months ago???? The cards were cut up then, too. So, I ask, how do you get charges? This is the second time I have called them on this issue.

Tomorrow I'm going to brave the bedroom storage and pull out my two pound weights and go walking. Do not get in my face or you could find a weight in yours. Just when things were starting go get better.

I like coloring books. I'm going to color a lot. I have four, so lots to choose from. My markers came yesterday which helps. It took me two hours tonight and the one I'm working on is still not done. Guess I'll go back to it since I cannot sleep.

Going to turn on a movie or something I've recorded. Unless I find something good to watch. Drink a bottle of water and color. About dawn I'll dig out the weights and get my walk in early. Then I'll come back and make breakfast, empty the dishwasher and put away some more boxes of stuff. I can find lots to keep me busy.


Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Welcome 2016--I Think

I hardly know where to begin. I arrived home Jan. 3 around 5pm. It had been a long drive and I had a sore throat. I was also drinking water like it was going out of style. Could not seem to keep my mouth from drying out. So, I brought in everything from the car and just set it down.  I made a large cup of hot water, whiskey, two lemon slices, and a teaspoon of honey. I sipped it for a while and decided to change into my night clothes. At that time removing my insulin pen and my meter, because I would need them later.

I curled up on the sofa and watched reruns of something. Remembered Downton Abbey was on when it was half over, so checked when it would play again and set my DVR to record it. Don't think I could have followed it anyway.

When I went to bed I could not find the testing meter or insulin anywhere. Even called the hotel I'd stayed in the night before to see if they found it. (Of course, they did not).

While I let my mom, Jamie, and Mike know I'd made it home, I forgot to let my brother know. He texted me this morning.

About 5 this morning, my fever broke. I pulled on my robe, grabbed a pillow and curled up on my sofa for a couple hours. Then got chilled so crawled back into bed at 7am and slept until 11am. Felt awesome when I woke, got dressed, and decided I needed to make a run to the store for breakfast food. While I was out, I picked up my mail.

As breakfast is cooking on the stove, I thumb through the mail and see something from Charleston County. I open it. It says I am to report to the court house for jury duty at 2pm on Monday. Really??? I see it was first sent to the apartment I moved out of two months ago. It arrived after December 20th. I call the number to tell them there is no way I can eat, shower, and be there on time. All I get is voice mail. I also sent an e-mail not sure what they would get to first. Meantime wondering if the local gendarms are going to show up and lead me off in handcuffs on a contempt of court charge. (Luckily I have been excused for this round).

To make my day complete the neighbor down the street made his way down here and was unhappy that I wouldn't invite him in and offer him a drink to celebrate his birthday. I don't know how many ways I can tell this guy I'm not interested. He creeped me out telling me he had been walking by my house at night to check on me before I got the living room curtains up. I'm not looking for a relationship with him. I have a solid relationship with someone else. (insert shivvers)

I found the testing meter and insulin pen tonight. I must have dropped my robe on them, which is why I couldn't find them last night. Blonde or senior moment I'm not sure which.

Tonight I cannot sleep to save my life. I've tried reading, must be reading the wrong things. So, here I am blogging. Go figure.

Tues. schedule involves breakfast shortly and a trip to Walmart. Picking up a few things then coming home to dig out my 2 pound weights and go for a walk. I'd charge my iPod if I could remember where I packed it. That way I'd have music while I walked. I'll find it eventually. Then I'm doing laundry,  unpacking suitcases and trying to get some order to my bedroom.

I have to call the person I bought the house from. I'm so glad I have a year home warranty on it. The hallway floor has buckled and I am going to get hurt if it is not fixed. Ugh.

So, welcome 2016, bring it on. I'm ready.


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