Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wow it's Wednesday

I see I've slacked off in writing my blog. There is plenty to tell you. Let's start with my latest interview with Sharon K. Cornell. You can read it here:

The last Monday July 13th The Heir was released. The link to purchase this 99 cent ebook is here:

The tag line reads: a night she can't remember...a man she's never met...a secret she shouldn't know...
If the tag line doesn't grab you, I don't know what will. 

I'm working on several things at the moment. One is making crocheted crocodile slippers. Here are some. 

As you can see the bottom pair is  not finished. I'll be working on the  other one today. They are fun to make.

I'm also editing Death Wind, I am to the last 100 pages. I want it done. This author deserves to have her book published. It's taken much longer than I thought.

I'm working on a winter romance due to my design team at Blue Harvest Creative on Sept. 1st. I'm also trying to get back in the groove and get Macy book 4 done. I really need to see it end, write book five and take a hiatus from Macy and her crew. There are other stories I need to write.

I continue work at Next Steps Johns Island. It is one of the most rewarding things I've done with my life. Helping people who need help, to improve their lives. I rejoice when they succeed. I get frustrated when plans don't go they way they should, but we hang in and tackle each obstacle along the way.

On the medical side of my life, my blood sugars are normal for the most part, unless I try to sneak in something I shouldn't have. On the lupus side, I'm learning to live with swollen feet and being tired. I have it better than some with lupus, so I'm not complaining.

Have a wonderful rest of the week.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wednesday Weirdness

I need to start with Tuesday morning. For some reason my alarm didn't go off? Who knows why. I awoke at 9:28am needing to be some place by 10am. I did all my morning things and managed to arrive at my destination with about two minutes to spare. I was really happy as my blood sugar was 89.  At bedtime it was 119. I'm doing a happy dance. The first time I've had normal readings at both am and pm. 

And then came the ghosts, the friendly kind of course. I put my computer on hibernate when I went to bed last night. At some point it decided it had been in hibernate long enough, shut itself down, did the latest microsoft updates and at 3:55am I awaken to the sound of my computer turning on. Seriously? If it hadn't been for the glow from my screen, I'd have thought I was dreaming. So, I logged in and shut it down.

Fast forward to 9am. I wake up and go to the bathroom. All of the sudden I have the shakes and feel dizzy. For those of you who know I'm dizzy this is different. I make my way back to the bedroom and grab my blood pressure cuff. Need to check it first, could possibly be too low. 106/60 with a pulse rate of 68, pretty normal for me in the morning. Next I pull out the diabetic meter, pop in the lancet, and load up the test strip. Imagine that, my blood sugar is 68. For those who don't know 70-110 is normal. For a diabetic 70-120 is what we shoot for. Below 70 is where you start getting into the low blood sugar issues and passing out.

I ate a few dried pineapple pieces I'd had for making trail mix, then began making breakfast. Now having eaten and taken my morning meds I feel much better. Just a little off, but I'm going to be okay.

Will be monitoring my blood sugars very carefully today. I do not want them dropping below 70 again. I'd like to think this was just a fluke.

Now for those of you who missed the announcement on Monday. The Heir was released as a 99 cent ebook.

The tag line says: A night she can't remember... A man she's never met... A secret she shouldn't know
When private investigator Samantha Worth wakes up in jail, she can't remember anything. The only clues are five mysterious items in her pockets. As she begins to piece the events of the night before together, she discovers a man intent on tearing her life apart. Can Samantha stop him before her world changes forever?

I'm out of here, wondering what other wacky things the day will bring.


Friday, July 10, 2015

Fierce Friday

Friday was off to a good start. Woke up early got breakfast out of the way. Printed some doctors' forms and completed them. Printed my allergy list to go with them. I am ready for my August appointments, bring 'em on.

Started a pair of crocodile slippers to fill an order today. Hope to have them done by tomorrow. Then on to the second pair. I will be working on them as fast as I can. I have a several orders to fill.

They look similar to this. I'm using varigated yarns. They are selling for $20/pair. I have two I'm hoping to get sent out by Tues. I have a third order then some Christmas ones to make. But I know there were more who wanted them. 

Am arguing with a billing company for my visit to ER in May. I paid the bill, have a copy of the cancelled check from the bank and they tell me I still owe them. Somebody messed up and it wasn't me. I pay my doctor bills as soon as humanly possible after I get them. I wrote this check June 25th and it was cashed June 29th. Not paying it again. They will fix it or I will turn them in for fraud.

Took myself to Applebee's for dinner. Had a Mexican chicken dish, not bad with a spinach salad. I've learn arugula is in the spinach family. I might try some. It would give my salads a variety. It would be nice to be able to have some variety in a salad. Especially since lettuce and cabbage have been out of the picture for over 20 years. 

Feet are swollen even though they have been up most of the day. Grrrr....really hating this part of the lupus. Going to see if I can find my foot bath. I think it might help. Pool is closed or I'd go sit there and put my feet in the water. 

Otherwise, it's been a pretty great day.


Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weary Wednesday

Yesterday's windfall with the surveys is looking more and more like a scam. Which makes me angry. I thought I had checked all the places I possibly could. I missed one. We shall see what happens as I have hit my $500 and then some. There should be a deposit in my paypal account on July 22nd. If there isn't, I'll be notifying paypal the account may be compromised.

Made it to the new dentist today. I like him. The hygenist, I'm not so sure. Never had anyone slip so many times and hurt my mouth. I'm hoping it was a one time thing. Having one side of my mouth being swollen from the stupid lupus didn't help I'm sure.

Spent the late afternoon typing up release of records letters from my Michigan allergist and dentist. Those will go out in the morning. I'm hoping my labs from Mayo Clinic are in soon. Those will confirm the lupus diagnosis. It also explains why I was sent to a rheumatologist in 1993, but no one bothered to inform him why I was there and the foot swelling was gone by November. I was referred to him in July. Getting into a specialist is a nightmare.

While the biggest thing I accomplished today was making the bed. I at least accomplished something.

Sorry if you signed on to take surveys. Get yourself out of there now.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Taking on Tuesday

Week is off to a great start if you over look my swollen feet. Monday morning was volunteering. I love when we can help people and they feel better about themselves.  Then fun with my Monday night Bible study group/family. Love time with them.

This morning was Bible study with the ladies. Again a great time coming together and awesome discussion. Even when we get side tracked.

Bonus in my mailbox as there was a check from some settlement I was part of. Extra money always welcome.

Speaking of extra money I found a place on-line that pays you to take surveys. You are limited to four surveys a day. Money is deposited into your paypal account. So, if anyone is looking to make some extra money here's the link: 

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Slouching Sunday

Could not even drag myself out of bed for church this morning. No energy when I did finally roll out. Have had a minor headache all day. Blood pressure was fine 115/65 so no issues there. Not my sinuses. Just a dull ache.

Need to make my bed so I can sleep in it tonight. After doing laundry yesterday I had no energy to even make the bed. Crawled into the daybed last night, slept soundly.

Had fireworks again tonight between 9pm and 10pm. I'll be glad when they are done. Just excess noise at this point. I much prefer the frog symphony from the creek in the woods outside my door.

Spent most of the day weaving the afghan I'm working on. Don't think I'll do another like it anytime soon. I have no place to cut the yarn for weaving unless I drive out to the church and use the hall there. It's peaceful, I just plug in my iPod and go. Last time I was there it took three hours to get yarn cut and I still don't have enough to finish it. I'm not even going to get three sections done and I have eight to weave. Thinking Wed. or Thurs this week. Probably Thursday. It will be another three hour task and then I have to lay it out and make sure the ends are equal length so I can do the fringe.

Still trying to figure out the book charms. There has to be a way to do them which is simpler than what I am doing. As soon as my head stops hurting I'll put my brain to it.


Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July

It's Independence Day, although our government wants us to be dependent on it. But, I'm not going into politics tonight.

Was a quiet day here. Not many people around. I managed to get laundry done, Made cauliflower potato salad (No potatoes were used in the making of the salad). Burned my cheddar dogs...a little too well done. Ugh.

Went for a drive. Learned South Carolina's only winery is for sale. Found a house just listed today in an area I like. However, I cannot tell from the road, but believe the house might be a modular, which is something I do not want. Sent the info to my wonderful realtor Kathleen DeWitt, I'm sure she'll check it out and let me know. The first house I wanted to see, they got in a bidding war and it sold for more than the list price.

It has stormed here and is still sprinkling, however the locals are lighting up the skies. So much for veterans who have PTSD. I'm hoping for no fires and no injuries. I really don't care to see them anymore. Or I got spoiled because I could see them from my living room window in the past.

Am going to find something to stream on my computer and work on weaving an afghan. I'm also going to play with some clay. I'm not happy with how the book charms are going. I might have to rethink this.


Friday, July 3, 2015

Just Another Soggy Day in Paradise

I'm not complaining. I got my running around done between rain showers. It's been a productive day.
First I picked up all the supplies from Michael's and Lowe's I need to make book charms. Still need to find ribbon or cording I like to hang them from. But, I can't wait to start making them. Second, I finished the baby crocodile booties.

I love the way they turned out. They will be in the mail as soon as I can get them there.

I have read most of Blood Moons by Mark Biltz. It is interesting and reads quickly. It is thought provoking which is something I enjoy. I also finished Even Steven by John Gilstrap last night. I will do some work on Children of the Day by Beth Moore later today or tomorrow. I have a choice between Robert Crais and Jeffery Deaver for my next delve into fiction. So, no lack of reading to do. 

I'll be working on adult crocodile slippers soon, too. Just need to finish the weaving on the afghan I'm working on. I never imagined it would take so long to cut the yarn and do the weaving. Ugh. Which is what I get when I try something new. 

Hope your day is well.


Thursday, July 2, 2015


It's after 8pm and as I sit here listening to the wind blow and the thunder rumble, I wonder where the day got away to. I've not accomplished anything. Well, nothing significant anyway. Maybe it's because I didn't make a list of things to do this morning.

Yesterday's list everything was done but a trip to Michael's. I just didn't feel like driving there. I need to pick up a few other things, too. Nothing I can't live without. I have plenty of food and I know the weekend menu. So, maybe just chilling is okay.

I have one baby bootie to finish. A book I'm almost done reading. A book I need to finish editing. An afghan to finish weaving. I have a couple books for Bible studies to delve into and as always The Lupus Encyclopedia. Not to mention a novel to finish and a short story to write. I have plenty to do. Today I really don't care.

I'm tired of the Confederate flag issue. Time to grow up people. I'm tired of the same sex marriage issue. It's done, move on. Both are petty little things. (Although I admit huge for those wishing to marry in a same sex relationship). They are not the issue people should be inflamed over.

The bigger issues are poverty, the fact we have Veterans sleeping on the streets, lack of adequate health care...Obama Care did nothing for those without income or below poverty level income. People in this country are starving. Jobs are still being sent overseas where people work in horrid conditions for little pay. Children in third world nations are still being forced to work from a young age under horrid conditions.  We need to keep these things in mind. Help a friend, a neighbor, even a stranger. My thoughts are there but for the grace of God go I.

The thunder is one continuous roar. There is no let up and the rains are pouring. It's good to be inside. While most days I don't miss television, today would be a good day to have it for background noise. I will live. I'm learning to enjoy a much simpler life style. Staying home, working on my projects, going for a walk or swim those are the things which make my day.

So for now, I'm just going to dive into one of the books I have and read until bedtime.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Just a Normal Day

Not sure how it happened. I slept well, my blood sugars were in the normal range. I got up at a reasonable hour. My apartment manager texted me to tell me he'd left tomatoes at my door. First time I've ever had a green tomato.

I went to look at a house.

It needs a new roof, the beige shed in the back is being torn down. The lions, well, they are not impressive. The house needs to be gutted and just start over. I don't have the time, money, or energy for that. The house next door the white shed/garage you see with the boarded up windows. The house is boarded up, too. They have been boarded up since Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Someone still lives in the house. Too creepy for me. I'm passing on this one. Good luck to them. 

Then I took a release of records form to my doctor's office so they could fax it in and get the lab results from 1993 in which I tested positive for an auto immune disease. Yes, Mayo Clinic still has the records on file. After which I went around the corner to pick up a couple of prescriptions. From there it was on to the grocery store to get my weekend meal plan completed, pick up a couple pans from Family Dollar and drop a book in the library book drop. 

At home I found a box of photos from my Mom. I'm going to have to share them with a cousin to find out who some of them are. I know many and was surprised I did. The photos come were taken at various times in Cornwall, England. It is a small treasure trove. 

It's been a pretty calm evening. Now I'm ready to head for bed and read a few chapters before going to sleep. 



My laptop has been at full capacity for the past two weeks. It's nice to be consistently writing again. It's been hit or miss for...