Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July

It's Independence Day, although our government wants us to be dependent on it. But, I'm not going into politics tonight.

Was a quiet day here. Not many people around. I managed to get laundry done, Made cauliflower potato salad (No potatoes were used in the making of the salad). Burned my cheddar dogs...a little too well done. Ugh.

Went for a drive. Learned South Carolina's only winery is for sale. Found a house just listed today in an area I like. However, I cannot tell from the road, but believe the house might be a modular, which is something I do not want. Sent the info to my wonderful realtor Kathleen DeWitt, I'm sure she'll check it out and let me know. The first house I wanted to see, they got in a bidding war and it sold for more than the list price.

It has stormed here and is still sprinkling, however the locals are lighting up the skies. So much for veterans who have PTSD. I'm hoping for no fires and no injuries. I really don't care to see them anymore. Or I got spoiled because I could see them from my living room window in the past.

Am going to find something to stream on my computer and work on weaving an afghan. I'm also going to play with some clay. I'm not happy with how the book charms are going. I might have to rethink this.


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