Friday, July 10, 2015

Fierce Friday

Friday was off to a good start. Woke up early got breakfast out of the way. Printed some doctors' forms and completed them. Printed my allergy list to go with them. I am ready for my August appointments, bring 'em on.

Started a pair of crocodile slippers to fill an order today. Hope to have them done by tomorrow. Then on to the second pair. I will be working on them as fast as I can. I have a several orders to fill.

They look similar to this. I'm using varigated yarns. They are selling for $20/pair. I have two I'm hoping to get sent out by Tues. I have a third order then some Christmas ones to make. But I know there were more who wanted them. 

Am arguing with a billing company for my visit to ER in May. I paid the bill, have a copy of the cancelled check from the bank and they tell me I still owe them. Somebody messed up and it wasn't me. I pay my doctor bills as soon as humanly possible after I get them. I wrote this check June 25th and it was cashed June 29th. Not paying it again. They will fix it or I will turn them in for fraud.

Took myself to Applebee's for dinner. Had a Mexican chicken dish, not bad with a spinach salad. I've learn arugula is in the spinach family. I might try some. It would give my salads a variety. It would be nice to be able to have some variety in a salad. Especially since lettuce and cabbage have been out of the picture for over 20 years. 

Feet are swollen even though they have been up most of the day. Grrrr....really hating this part of the lupus. Going to see if I can find my foot bath. I think it might help. Pool is closed or I'd go sit there and put my feet in the water. 

Otherwise, it's been a pretty great day.



  1. Those slippers look pretty snazzy!

    1. Thank you. I enjoy making things. Especially when it's crochet.


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