Saturday, December 28, 2013

I'm Shocked!

    Okay, I'm still in shock. I knew the book had been nominated. There were three other books in the same category. So, I had a one in four chance of winning. Evidently more people than I thought took the time to vote. I am so very thankful. I am truly honored. 
    As of this moment I know the Award Ceremony and book signing will be in Florida on April 26th. I also know I will find a way to be there. 

   I am truly thankful to Blue Harvest Creative for their book design. I am blessed with a wonderful fan base. 
I am gaining readers all the time. 

   Macy #3 will be out in the spring of 2014, I am hoping in time for the book signing. It will be a wonderful opportunity to grow my fan base. 

   I promise as long as my fans will read, I will write. 


Wednesday, December 11, 2013


It's been a year. I feel like it is two steps forward and six steps back. Since Sept. it has been one catastrophe after another. I'd like them to stop.

This is what I awoke to on Labor Day. The ceiling in my spare bedroom fell in because the person who fixed the leak in my upstairs bathroom had no clue what he was doing. I still have not been able to replace the mattress and box springs which were ruined.

The next thing was my car needed new tires. I found them to be unsafe on a trip to Clio for a funeral. So much for putting money in savings. 

For the first time since 2010 I needed a new prescription in my glasses. Because my are highly sensitive to the sun. I require corrective sun glasses. Total cost for two pair of glasses and my copay was about $800. Hopefully I won't need new ones for another three or four years. 

Just when I was thinking I could go ahead and buy the mattress and box springs, my hot water heater went out and had to be replaced. I still owe $250 on it, but they take monthly payments. Thank you, Lord.

Now I should be good if I can get through Christmas. Wrong again. I am low on propane so I turned the heat down to conserve. I managed to get to payday on Nov. 25th with 2% still in my tank so I went in and bought 200 gallons and prayed it would last me until the next morning. It did. 

As things have been going, I woke with no water. Seems the person doing my plumbing had taken all the insulation out of my well pit and left it in my garage. He also had the heat tape where it would do no good. So, several hours later, (and $240) the insulation has been replaced. The heat tape is on right and there is a heater with a thermostat on it so it runs only when it hits a certain temperature I have water. 

Finally, I can breathe easy....who am I kidding. It doesn't work like that. Went to go to town and run errands today. Pick up my mail, some stamps, a few odds and ends, do some banking and my car will not start. It does nothing but tick. No lights, no sound, just ticking. It is currently hooked to a battery charger however I fear it is the alternator and not the battery. Is that what extended warranties are for???? 

I do believe I am ready  for 2013 to be over. 


Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Book Review

I was lucky enough to be a beta reader for this book. Which just means I read it before it went to print. Let me tell you it is riveting.

For Whom the Bells Toll (Dracula Chronicles Book One)
By Shane KP O’Neill

In this Gothic horror book comes the ultimate good vs. evil. You are back in time to 1431 and Vlad Dracul is the king of Transyvania. His half-brother rules Wallachia to his south and was always a threat. He was part of the Order of the Dragons and was sworn to halt the Turkish takeover of Christian lands. Vlad also had a truce with the Turks.

Throughout the book, Vlad Dracul is in conflict with his allies and his faith. He tries to avoid conflict with the Turks by sending his oldest son to battle carrying his standard, in order to spare the lives of his younger sons, held by Turks.

In a final battle, when Dracul sees his imminent death he is called to fight on or choose his faith. Which will he do?

I am not someone who usually reads Gothic horror, but this book held me spellbound. It is well crafted and the scenes come alive with the characters O’Neill has created. He has stayed true to the times he writes about making it all the more authentic. Go grab a copy.


My laptop has been at full capacity for the past two weeks. It's nice to be consistently writing again. It's been hit or miss for...