Saturday, March 31, 2012

A to Z Challenge starts tomorrow

I will be starting the A to Z blogging challenge tomorrow be sure to follow along and comment on my blog.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Why I Can't Live here

These are the different places on the Island where I could enjoy Easter Sunday Dinner. Are you laughing yet????

Ballroom at The Sanctuary
Reservation Times:
Seatings at 11am and 2pm
Buffet $70++ adults, $28++ children 4-12 yrs.
Reservations: 843.768.6253
Join us for a memorable Easter Sunday with
close family, good friends, a tantalizing variety
of food and drink, and the Easter Bunny in the
Grand Oaks Ballroom at The Sanctuary. Listen
to a live ensemble and browse the internationally
influenced culinary displays, celebrating all that
Spring has to offer. The menu features chilled
seafood, elegant ice sculptures, numerous chefattended
cooking stations, and the debut of the
Spring Pastry & Confectionery Presentation.
This festive dining event includes a Children’s
Easter Buffet for children Ages 4-12. Your children
will always remember this special event that will
feature arts and crafts along with a visit from the
Easter Bunny.

Easter Sunday Brunch
at the Jasmine Porch
Breakfast, 6:30am - 10:30am
Buffet Brunch, 12pm - 8pm, Live Music
$62++ adults, $22++ children 4-12 yrs.
Reservations: 843.768.6253 or 843.768.6330
Enjoy a memorable traditional Lowcountry
brunch featuring Shrimp & Stone Ground
Grits, Sugar Basket Smoked Ham and a Chilled
Appetizer Bar. The spectacular ocean view amidst
the relaxing atmosphere of the Jasmine Porch
restaurant awaits you.

Easter Sunday Buffet at The Ocean Course
11am - 3pm,
$75++ adults, $35++ children 4-12 yrs.
Reservations: 843.766.4085
Celebrate the bounty of spring with Chef
Jonathan Banta’s lavish buffet complemented by a
Bloody Mary and Mimosa Bar while enjoying the
East Coast most dramatic views of the Atlantic

Easter at Tomasso
at Turtle Point Club House
Reservations: 843.266.4070 or Ext. 64070
Easter Brunch: Italian Inspired Brunch Menu, 11am - 3pm
Regular Dinner Menu: A la carte, 5pm - Close
Join us for Chef Nick Hunter’s Spring Italian
inspired brunch menu. Children’s menu items
always available. Reservations appreciated
but walk ins are welcome. To-go orders always

Please note there is no price for this one.

Easter Mingo Point Oyster Roast & BBQ
6pm - 9:30pm,
Thursday, April 5 & Monday, April 9,
$38.95 adults; $22.95 children 4 - 12 yrs.;
3 & under free
Reservations: 843.768.2121 Ext. 81829
A Lowcountry Tradition. Whether you’re a
returning guest or a first-timer you’ll love the
Resort’s most popular longest running family
outing. Enjoy fresh roasted oysters while watching
the sunset on the Kiawah River, or dance under
the moonlight to the sounds of The Island Trio.
In addition to oysters, guests can enjoy a number
of Southern BBQ specialties; Ribs, pulled pork,
smoked chicken, along with a bounty of side
dishes. New for 2012 check out our “Steak and
Skins” buffet. We are featuring steak hot off our
wood fired grills, and loaded potato skins out off
our wood fired oven.

Seriously????? I am thinking I'll be eating at home. Who has this kind of money for a meal you will walk away from hungry.

You mull this one over. I'm off to run errands and head to the beach.


Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Dreams Do Come True

I have a young friend and former student who is amazing. She is 22yrs old and was born with spina bifida. She lives on her own and has had a dream for as long as I can remember. Her dream has been to meet her idol Reba McIntire. Jen has her own  blog and what she writes is sometimes heart wrenching. However, she writes from her heart and what she writes is true.

Jen had a chance to see Reba back stage when she was younger. She was so star struck that she was speechless. Having made it to adulthood, she'd like a chance to actually talk to her. I found Reba's twitter and sent her the link to Jen's blog.

Picture this. Today Jen was going through her e-mails and there was and e-mail from Reba. Reba has been reading her blogs and told Jen she was touched by them. She also told her to keep dreaming. Jen is on cloud 9. I doubt she will touch earthly ground for at least a week. Part of her dream has come true. She got an e-mail from Reba. It's not the same as talking to her, but I know that it meant the world to Jen.

Do you have a dream? I know I do. I figure when I stop dreaming the Lord has called me home. Have you done anything about achieving your dream? Jen has. She's written to Reba, follows her tweets and attends her concerts every time Reba comes to Michigan. For me the dream is my writing. I'm finally to the point where I am seeing some success. Am I still striving to be better? Yes.

So on that note, I am taking myself to bed to dream. If you are interested in Jen. you will find her at her blog.
Stop in and tell her I sent you.


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

I Think I Should Be Blogging

I seem to have been neglecting my blog lately. Could it be the wonderful weather? Possibly the afternoons spent reading on the beach? Actually getting thoroughly drenched in the ocean? It is all of the above. However my days are not all fun and games. I do work
I'm working on getting ready for a huge book launch when I return home. A second and third one are being planned, with the possibility of a fourth. I'm working on the first draft of the second Macy book. I've been doing book reviews....go back couple of blogs for those. I'm working with a friend and colleague who is starting up a publishing company. I am glued to the laptop most of every morning. I do take Sundays off. Girl has got to have some fun.
 I have not ventured off the island for at least a week. The beach is never crowded even when there are other people there. For the most part people are friendly but don't bother you. Someone saw a deer on the dunes behind where I was sitting on Saturday. By the time I could get up and look it was gone. Just my luck. I did finally get a photo of a flock of pelicans in flight, right over my head. :) I think they are amazing.
 Last winter by the end of March I was ready to head home. Most of the people in the little complex where I was staying were gone. I was the last to leave. It seemed lonely there and I felt it was time to go home. I'm not even close to ready to leave here. I don't know if I ever will be. I still have almost a month. There is something about the low country. I could stay here forever.
 I am 30 minutes from Charleston and 2.5 hours from Savannah. Between the two cities there is enough history, legend, and lore to keep even mediocre writers busy for a long time. I used to read historical romances and think gee, I could write this. Funny that I ended up writing mysteries instead. I'm sure there are historical mysteries. Hmm...
 I will not bore you any longer. I hear a book calling my name. Will it be the one I'm writing or the one I'm reading? Time will tell. TTFN

Monday, March 19, 2012

My Blog

Is going to look a bit strange in the month of April. I've entered a blogging "contest" for lack of a better word and will be blogging starting on April 1st and for 26 days. Each blog will be based on a letter of the alphabet from A to Z. I will be skipping every Sunday but the first. They will continue to be random posts for the most part. It might be fun.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Signing Ebooks

I am now set up through Kindlegraph to sign ebooks. You just go to find my book and send me a tweet. I'll get back to you with a message and a signature. I am so excited. Hope you are too. TTFN

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Woo Hoo New Publisher in Town

I wanted to use today's blog to tell you about a new publishing company. It is seeking new authors. Details are below FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 15, 2012 Text Tailors LLC Now Open for Business and is Accepting Submissions from Unpublished Authors of Most Genres Carlette Ritter of Text Tailors LLC recently re-organized her writing and editing company Text Tailors LLC, to also include publishing. The Maryland –based company was created by Ritter, a local business owner, in 2009. Her dream was to create a publishing company comprised of women, about women. Text Tailors is a registered business as well as a Certified Minority Owned Business in good standing in the state of Maryland. At Text Tailors LLC, aspiring authors work with a team of professional editors, graphic design artists and public relations specialists who are dedicated to helping them achieve successful publication and distribution locally, nationally and globally. Currently the company is accepting submissions in all genres. Unpublished authors are encouraged to submit their manuscripts before the submission process closes. “This is a wonderful opportunity for a new author to have a shot at getting published,” Ritter said from her office in Charles County. “We look forward to finding the next diamond in the rough.” Text Tailors was established in 2009 by author and editor Carlette Ritter. Armed with a master’s degree in Organizational Development and experience in graphic design, Ritter initially created the company to offer writing and editing services and to work as a consultant to small business owners. After having her own novel published in early 2012, Ritter decided that she could do a better job for well deserving authors so she expanded Text Tailors LLC to include publishing services as well. To find out more information about Carlette Ritter and Text Tailors, contact: Carlette N. Ritter Text Tailors LLC 301-219-2142 ### Best of luck to Ms. Ritter and her colleagues. TTFN

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Another Book Review That is where you will find Karl Jones' book Shattered. This British writer has it going on. This book pulled me in from the first paragraph. I so wanted to know why this deranged person was beating on this young girl. I felt her terror as well as his rage. The story took all the twists and turns needed for a good mystery. Mr. Jones created wonderful characters, from the elderly grandmother, the struggling writer, to the constable questioning her superiors. The other characters in between added a sense of flavor to the book. What is worse than knowing a murderer is running around in your small community? Knowing that it could be one of your friends? Believing it is the slick new guy in town? How do you choose? Do you dig in your heels and focus on one person or do you look at several? All those are choices that have to be made to get to the end of this book. As a reader you will think you know who it is, but will you. Or will you be shocked by the ending. This book is best seller material. I can hardly wait to see what Mr. Jones comes up with next. Grab it before it leaves the shelves. Happy Reading TTFN

Monday, March 12, 2012

Book Review

The Broken Sword By Liane Moonraven Published by: Unforgettable Books, Inc. Jan 25, 2012 If you are looking for a traditional King Arthur story, put this book back on the shelf. If you want a sit on the edge of your seat new look at King Arthur, this is the book for you. Liane Moonraven has created a cast of characters that make the knights of yesteryear come to life. We know little truth to the legend of Arthur, so this could very well be a version we want to look at. In this book the legend of the round table is tested. What happens when someone crosses the line? Who will the knights side with? The book is full of passion, for its characters as well as with them. The author captures the underlying lust as well as the true passion of a couple in love. The setting is Baden Keep in the aftermath of a great victory for Arthur and his knights. The Britons who fight along side Arthur also partake in the festivities. No one is left out. Even while the festivities are being planned, evil is in the wing. It’s up to the reader to find out who is evil and what that person is planning. You will not want to put the book down. It will keep you reading to the very end. While it is well written it is an adult book. It is not for young readers. The book is also available for Kindle and at for NOOK.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Writing Prompt

Don't be shocked I do get to them on time most of the time. Today you get one of my own prompts. So prepare your piece of paper. This one is a bit different. It not only will ask you to write but will ask you to do something. Here it is: You know as well as I do that things in the country, the world in fact, are a mess. So, close your eyes for a moment. Think about the things around you that need to be changed. Today is your chance to make a difference. I don't care if you start with your office, your home, the city/town you live in, or go global. Make a list of the things you'd like to see changed. Now pick one off the list you could actually do. Then do it. Start today and do it every day until it's fixed. I'm giving you links to a couple of young men I've encountered while in South Carolina. I think they are amazing. One is ten years old, the other is a basketball player at Clemson University. If you're lacking inspiration for this one check out their links below. Graydon McKoy enterpreneuer, artist and reptile hunter. Tanner Smith, owner Now it's time to pay it forward. Keep a log of what you do. I'm not even asking you to share it. But I know you'll feel better for having done something. TTFN

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some Nights Sleep Doesn't Come

I have given up trying to figure out why some nights I just can't sleep. Other nights I am out by the time my head hits the pillow. Seems the older I get the worse it gets. Not had a good nights sleep in a week. If I get four hours I'm calling it a win. My little corner of paradise with the ocean constant in the back ground would seem to the logical place to rest. And it was when I first arrived. I was asleep by 11 and up by 8. Now I go to bed, toss and turn, and finally give up. I've tried reading. I thought for sure if I tried to read the Chicago Manual of Style from cover to cover it would work. Instead I found myself going back to see if I had done things correctly in my writing. Insert eyes rolling here. I also know that reading John Gilstrap's Hostage Zero is most definitely not going to put me to sleep, but will keep me turning pages. I know there is an off switch for my brain, I just cannot seem to find it. Is it possible that I have acquired adult onset ADD? I don't think that is the case. I am able to focus for hours on end when I'm writing, reading, or crocheting. I had a doctor tell me once it's that women's brains don't turn off. Hmmmm...turned off just fine when I was a kid. When I get restful sleep, I wake up alert and ready to go. This is beyond ridiculous. I will spend an hour walking the beach tomorrow. After I run the early morning errands I need to do. Have a couple of things that need to go into the mail first thing. But will have to get to the library and get a couple of things printed off first. I also have a couple of conference calls to make, and I need to work on a mini mystery and a novel. That's just for starters. I have baby layettes to work on too. I am open for suggestions about sleeping. I have cut out tea drinking by 6pm so it's not caffeine that is doing it. Although once I give up sleep I often make a cup of tea. Must be something I'm eating that is doing it. I'll have to looking into that possibility. In the mean time, have a restful night sleep all. I will endeavor to get some work done. TTFN

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Writing Prompt

Another prompt from Rochelle Melander. Check her website: Here it is? Grab a snippet of conversation from the coffee shop, library, or bus. Use it to start a dialogue between two of your characters. Where does it take you? Let us know what you come up with. Happy writing. TTFN

It Came Today


My laptop has been at full capacity for the past two weeks. It's nice to be consistently writing again. It's been hit or miss for...