Monday, March 12, 2012

Book Review

The Broken Sword By Liane Moonraven Published by: Unforgettable Books, Inc. Jan 25, 2012 If you are looking for a traditional King Arthur story, put this book back on the shelf. If you want a sit on the edge of your seat new look at King Arthur, this is the book for you. Liane Moonraven has created a cast of characters that make the knights of yesteryear come to life. We know little truth to the legend of Arthur, so this could very well be a version we want to look at. In this book the legend of the round table is tested. What happens when someone crosses the line? Who will the knights side with? The book is full of passion, for its characters as well as with them. The author captures the underlying lust as well as the true passion of a couple in love. The setting is Baden Keep in the aftermath of a great victory for Arthur and his knights. The Britons who fight along side Arthur also partake in the festivities. No one is left out. Even while the festivities are being planned, evil is in the wing. It’s up to the reader to find out who is evil and what that person is planning. You will not want to put the book down. It will keep you reading to the very end. While it is well written it is an adult book. It is not for young readers. The book is also available for Kindle and at for NOOK.


  1. Hates that google decided to reformat my review without paragraphs or separation of book title, author, and publisher...UGH

  2. What a wonderful review. Thank you so very much! Coming from you, I accept the compliments humbly!


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