Thursday, December 29, 2016

What a Whirlwind!

It has been abundantly busy. The three weeks I was home between Thanksgiving and returning to Michigan for Christmas kept me so busy I could not even post.  First I finished up Christmas shopping and all but one gift. Wrapped everything and got it loaded in the car.

Then, Lilac Publishing put out a book by a new author. Are you looking for a great western? One geared more to the life of the Native American? I have one for you.

This book is awesome. Faced with the death of his father, half-breed Swift Wind seeks vengeance on the hunter who killed him and stole his furs. Returning from his quest, he finds the teepees in shambles, his mother and sister raped, and he is off again to avenge his family.
     Meanwhile, his white Uncle Brad comes to visit and proposes to make their lives different. His mother unable to feel comfortable in the cabin, returns to the tribe and her teepee. A visit from his wealthy grandparents gives them the opportunity to be part of a foundering village. Can they make the change? Will they remain true to their Native American heritage or will they embrace the world of the white man?

Windswept Press a subsidiary of Blue Harvest Press put out a 99cent short story for me.

This is my first attempt at a romance.
When a stranger washes up to shore after an intense coastal storm, Lily Collins' life will never be the same. Will the stranger turn out to be more than just an accident victim? Could love be on the horizon?

Finally we are working on a Lilac Publishing release. (For those who missed the memo, Lilac Publishing is a subsidiary of Blue Harvest Press). Isle of the Faeries by JoAnn E. Henderson will be released shortly.

I am busy editing my next book Rescue Mountain to be released the end of March. I'm also working on a forward for an Agatha Christie novel which will be released in early March. Finally for those who are waiting. Book 4 in the Macy series, Something Borrowed, Something Blue will get completed for release later this year. I have not forgotten her.

That wraps up 2016 fairly well.  Happy 2017 everyone.


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