Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Weary Wednesday

Yesterday's windfall with the surveys is looking more and more like a scam. Which makes me angry. I thought I had checked all the places I possibly could. I missed one. We shall see what happens as I have hit my $500 and then some. There should be a deposit in my paypal account on July 22nd. If there isn't, I'll be notifying paypal the account may be compromised.

Made it to the new dentist today. I like him. The hygenist, I'm not so sure. Never had anyone slip so many times and hurt my mouth. I'm hoping it was a one time thing. Having one side of my mouth being swollen from the stupid lupus didn't help I'm sure.

Spent the late afternoon typing up release of records letters from my Michigan allergist and dentist. Those will go out in the morning. I'm hoping my labs from Mayo Clinic are in soon. Those will confirm the lupus diagnosis. It also explains why I was sent to a rheumatologist in 1993, but no one bothered to inform him why I was there and the foot swelling was gone by November. I was referred to him in July. Getting into a specialist is a nightmare.

While the biggest thing I accomplished today was making the bed. I at least accomplished something.

Sorry if you signed on to take surveys. Get yourself out of there now.


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