Sunday, July 5, 2015

Slouching Sunday

Could not even drag myself out of bed for church this morning. No energy when I did finally roll out. Have had a minor headache all day. Blood pressure was fine 115/65 so no issues there. Not my sinuses. Just a dull ache.

Need to make my bed so I can sleep in it tonight. After doing laundry yesterday I had no energy to even make the bed. Crawled into the daybed last night, slept soundly.

Had fireworks again tonight between 9pm and 10pm. I'll be glad when they are done. Just excess noise at this point. I much prefer the frog symphony from the creek in the woods outside my door.

Spent most of the day weaving the afghan I'm working on. Don't think I'll do another like it anytime soon. I have no place to cut the yarn for weaving unless I drive out to the church and use the hall there. It's peaceful, I just plug in my iPod and go. Last time I was there it took three hours to get yarn cut and I still don't have enough to finish it. I'm not even going to get three sections done and I have eight to weave. Thinking Wed. or Thurs this week. Probably Thursday. It will be another three hour task and then I have to lay it out and make sure the ends are equal length so I can do the fringe.

Still trying to figure out the book charms. There has to be a way to do them which is simpler than what I am doing. As soon as my head stops hurting I'll put my brain to it.


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