Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Just a Normal Day

Not sure how it happened. I slept well, my blood sugars were in the normal range. I got up at a reasonable hour. My apartment manager texted me to tell me he'd left tomatoes at my door. First time I've ever had a green tomato.

I went to look at a house.

It needs a new roof, the beige shed in the back is being torn down. The lions, well, they are not impressive. The house needs to be gutted and just start over. I don't have the time, money, or energy for that. The house next door the white shed/garage you see with the boarded up windows. The house is boarded up, too. They have been boarded up since Hurricane Hugo in 1989. Someone still lives in the house. Too creepy for me. I'm passing on this one. Good luck to them. 

Then I took a release of records form to my doctor's office so they could fax it in and get the lab results from 1993 in which I tested positive for an auto immune disease. Yes, Mayo Clinic still has the records on file. After which I went around the corner to pick up a couple of prescriptions. From there it was on to the grocery store to get my weekend meal plan completed, pick up a couple pans from Family Dollar and drop a book in the library book drop. 

At home I found a box of photos from my Mom. I'm going to have to share them with a cousin to find out who some of them are. I know many and was surprised I did. The photos come were taken at various times in Cornwall, England. It is a small treasure trove. 

It's been a pretty calm evening. Now I'm ready to head for bed and read a few chapters before going to sleep. 



  1. That boarded up house sounds quite creepy - best not to go there!

    1. I had my realtor with me. We both had the same thoughts. If it had been abandoned, I would have considered purchasing it and bulldozing. I don't need weird people next door.


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