Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A--Z Challenge for June

Z is for Zyrtec!!!!!

Allergist was today. I can go back on Zyrtec. Have already taken it. Yeah, I will be able to breathe again.

Good report. Lung function is good. Has ordered a generic Flonase for backup and my Avi Q epi pens. Pharmacy called while I was on the way home. Meds won't be in until tomorrow. Of course, Heaven forbid my docs would order anything they keep in stock. LOL.

Z is also for zip. As this is the end of my A-Z Challenge. I'm thinking of doing another in Sept. Between now and then I will be doing my usual ramblings.

Many thanks to those who've been keeping up with the start of my journey. I appreciate your well wishes.



  1. At least you seem to be getting the right treatment now.

    1. Sally, it would seem so. My sugars are finally coming under control, my allergies are in good shape. Next stops are the rheumatologist for the lupus and dermatologist for the eczema. Someone is finally listening to me.


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