Friday, June 19, 2015

A-Z Challenge for June

Q is for questions.

I have more questions than answers right now. Why was this not diagnosed years ago? Why did so many doctors miss it?

I want to believe the first dermatologist suspected and didn't want to put me through what it would take to find out. I also was way younger than the average person to get it. The age range is 14-44 and I was only ten. Why did no one connect my cold hand's and feet with Raynaud's Syndrome before I was in my late 20s? Why didn't someone check when I had mono in high school? Why when I tested positive for an autoimmune disease in 1993 did they only test for HIV?

All this goes through my head while I wait for the ology appointments to come. The first one is next Thursday. I'm also not the most patient person in the world. I want my ologists to all play nice with each other so we are all on the same page.

I'm not sure how to ask my questions when I do finally meet my new ology team. I know I meet them one at a time. I know I have questions for each and every one of them. I just have to get the questions right. The only ologist I'm waiting on is the most important one, the rheumatologist who deals directly with the lupus. Once the appointment is set with her, I know I'll be better. No, I'm not expecting miracles, I'm expecting answers. I want options. While I really don't want more meds, I do know they are probably in my future.

So, I'm in question mode for now.


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