Thursday, June 11, 2015

A-Z Challenge for June

J is for journal.

I find keeping a journal is a way to keep my goals on track. I am once again keeping a food journal. The idea is to find where I have messed up my diet and how to fix it. It makes me accountable for everything going into my mouth.

Jounaling is a good way to get your feelings out without saying something you will later regret. I must have a dozen or more journals. They cover different periods in my life, different topics. I have a journal on how to be more creative. I have a journal including some of my poetry.

I use journals to catalog my days when on vacation, so I can put the words with photos  in a scrapbook or write a travel article. It also tells me when I look back if I was just existing or really living. Most tell me I've been living my life.

If you don't keep a journal you might try it. Not a diary of your day, but something you return to for memories or ideas. I journal sad times as well as happy times. Life has both.

Have you started a journal yet? Personalize it, make it special.


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