Saturday, June 20, 2015

A-Z Challenge for June

R is for research.

I'm starting here:

Funny to learn you have a disease people have known about since 855 AD. Yet, we are still no farther ahead in getting a diagnosis. Lupus is the Latin word for "wolf" I knew I'd get your attention telling you. However it does not mean I am a wolf. It means my body is devouring itself. Lupus is described as the disease which not only ate the flesh but also the internal matter. 

Now if it isn't enough to ponder, there are different forms of lupus. Unfortunately for doctors, it reacts differently in different people, which is why it's hard to diagnose. 

All those little tabs on the book are telling me which chapters I need to focus on first, then I can go back and read other chapters which might be of interest or relevance to me. 

My siblings and my daughter are going to get sick of me sending them little tidbits about what it going on with me. None of them are afflicted with it. No surprise there. If anyone is going to get something out of the ordinary, it will be me. 

So, while you are relaxing at the beach, I'm going to be indoors reading. I have been told sunlight is not good for me...maybe there is a little wolf in me after all...werewolf?


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