Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On-line Dating????

I know I've given you the blow-by-blow on how awful I think on-line dating is but seriously. October, 2011 I finally agree to have lunch with W(you pick a male W name). We are meeting at the Big Boy in my town. I am a regular there and know I will be safe as they all know me by name. W shows up and is escorted to my table. We talk, have lunch, and then go for a walk in the park. I know this guy is NOT what I am looking for. He's not even in the stadium I'm looking at. But I am polite and we leave in separate cars.

One would think this is the end of the story but it's not.  A couple weeks later we have lunch again. It's still not working for me. He calls and e-mails. I tell him this is not the relationship for me. I am also breathing a sigh of relief that I am leaving the state soon.

On my way south I spent a night with my brother and low and behold I get an e-mail from W asking me if I am settled in yet. I tell him that I am not there yet, but will be fine. Then delete the e-mail.  Two or three days later, I get another e-mail from W. I politely tell him I don't want to hear from him again. I will not change my mind over the winter. I am NOT interested. Please do not e-mail me again. I delete him from my inbox as a contact and go on about my business.

Fast forward to January, 2013. I open my e-mail the other day to find one from W. He wants to know where I am wintering and did I have any idea how cold it is in Michigan. Ugh. I tell him I have returned to the same place and I know just how cold it is as my boyfriend is checking on my house and keeps me updated on the weather. Did this idiot forget that my family is in Michigan????? I talk to my daughter regularly. I have friends who e-mail and text. I talk to my parents and my sister. Seriously??? What part of I don't want to hear from you is unclear? So, I delete this thinking he will get the message.

Wrong. Today I get an e-mail, did I get a new computer last year? What kind did I get...blah...blah...blah.  Did he miss that I am in a relationship? Did he miss I am not interested? I chose to send the e-mail to spam and not answer it. I am hoping I will not get another. I am not putting up with this.  Thank goodness I was not stupid enough to give him my phone number or address. This guy has become downright creepy.

Stay away from on-line dating!!!!!


  1. Rebecka, I recommend that you keep his emails without deleting them. You don't need to read them, just file them away in a folder called "stalker." Then change your email address to something he won't figure out. That way everything he sends is kept for later in case you need it, and those you wish to communicate with will do so on the new mail.


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