Thursday, April 6, 2017

A-Z Blogging Challenge-Letter D

Already I am a day behind. D is for Determination.
This young lady, Tatyana McFadden is determined to show others being disabled doesn't mean you can't be someone. I believe she was in the 2016 Para-Olympics. 

Being determined is different than being stubborn. When you are determined, you have a goal in mind and work toward it. You keep finding ways to achieve it.

I am determined to make Lilac Publishing successful. To date I have four authors under contract. One of my authors is working on two books. One of my authors, just finished her second book. One of my authors has a publishing date of May 3, 2016 for the debut of her first book.  I have to believe in my authors and give them opportunities to be successful, only then will we thrive. I have two books from my fourth author to look at for future publication. I am busy, but it's all good. 

Determination will take me through it. What makes you determined?

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