Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Already Planning & a Challenge

Several years ago my daughter did a daily photo blog. She called it her 365 day project. Each day she took a photo or found an old one of something special to her. Since I am going to be snowbound this winter, I have decided I'm going to try for a photo a day and blog about it.

Some days might just be photos and some days might be photos and an explanation. Some will be good photos and some will not. Some will be though provoking, some will make you laugh, some will do absolutely nothing for you...but the will do something for me.

However I am making a challenge to all my friends and followers. Can you take a photo a day? Will it be something that reflects your life, where you live, or just inspires you? Will any of you take up the challenge? If you do, please let me know your blog link so I can follow along.

Happy picture taking.


  1. That is quite an undertaking. Did your daughter make the whole year? I find it hard to stay with something that long. lol

    1. She tried two different years, but never made it all the way. I'd like to make it all the way.



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