Saturday, September 28, 2013

Blog Crawl???

Tried something new tonight. A blog crawl on Twitter. Okay, let's start with I am not Twitter savvy. I don't use it on my phone, I use it on my computer, usually for posting my blogs. I only check  it when I get a notification someone is following me or commented on a tweet. So, poured my frozen strawberry daquiri and joined in.

It was a  bit disjointed. Someone suggested I use Tweet Deck...not a clue what it is. Doubt it's on my computer.  I ended up hopping from my home page to the blog crawl.

We were given a silly topic to write about. Synchronicity featuring skinny dipping and  a proud moment (non-family related). Ugh, never been skinny dipping so cannot begin to write about it and most of my proud moments are family related. Think I'll pass on the topic altogether.

Was not getting  all the tweets of members of the group which made it even more difficult. Not sure why it happened but it did. As far as I knew there were only two other people particitpating. A gentleman from Canada and another author. Imagine my surprise to find out there were many others and the conversation was quite lively.

While this was a learning experience, I would try it again. It was interesting to say the least.


  1. #BlogCrawl is a ramshackle affair. I think that's part of the charm. Thanks for coming tonight, and Google TweetDeck. I use it on my PC, it was very easy to add and it's easy to use as well. It was great to see you there!

    1. Thanks Carin, I'll do that. It was definitely interesting. I'd do it again.

  2. That is part of the charm, as Cairn says - but I think we should explore another venue. I'm pretty sure Twitter is actually blocking some #blogcrawl results from search - they do that from time to time, if their algorithms think you're spamming people. They just hide you. Well, phooey on that - I'm voting we try Google+ Hangouts (unless everyone wants to figure out IRC - which really IS real-time chat rooms). Google+ Hangouts are fun, because you also have the OPTION (not a requirement) to use a webcam and voice along with chat. We'll figure it out.

    Meanwhile, Rebecka... who says I've ever been skinny dipping? :) Write fiction! Use it in passing - have two characters talking about why they'd NEVER, then have one of them do it. Maybe to raise money for charity or something. I don't know - but this doesn't have to be from any personal experience.

    Good thing the prompt wasn't "balut," huh, Cairn?

    1. Thanks, Holly, I am in the middle of two fiction pieces and cannot wrap my head around a third one right now. I have heard good things about Google-Hangouts. Just ask me next month. One of my fiction pieces will be done by then.


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