Saturday, July 13, 2013

Progress is Being Made

I started at 9am this morning putting the brown base coat on the front of the house. Mom and Dad arrived at 11:30am. Dad got all the high places I could not reach, Mom cut in where she could reach standing on the ground. We finished the garage front, lower part and called it a day. It was after 4pm. Dad went on to power wash the south side and part of the west side of my house.

I had cousins arrive about 5pm. They took the tour of the  house to see all the improvements. Then we went to a local place called Jerry's Joint for burgers. It was a good end to a very productive day.

Tomorrow I begin cutting in the front of the house with the yellow and rolling it. I want this house to sell. I can also finish the north side of the garage with the yellow. Mom has most of it cut in. I wouldn't be this far without them.


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