Thursday, July 11, 2013

This is Where I'm At

I have been getting my house ready for sale. Since August I have had the help of an old friend. He has decided he has better things to do, so I am left with painting the outside of the house. It will be yellow when I am done. 
I have a bathroom to paint, but am not concerned I have painted it twice since I've lived here. Once more will be no big deal.
I am hosting a painting party in a couple of weeks but hope to have more of the base coat painted before that happens. I am off today to buy an extension cord for the power washer and I'm going to finish some of that. I'll need a new hose but am going as far as this one will let me go. Tomorrow or later today I'll start the base coat as high as I can reach. Some work is better than no work.
Keeping busy.

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