Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for Working

I have been working hard to get things done around the house. I learned today that someone is interested in it. Added motivation to get it ready for sale.

Tomorrow morning I pick up more boxes. I have stuff to haul from the back yard to my dumpster. I will probably set up the second dumpster. (We are using Bagsters).

Sunday we paint the trim board white, put down a floor and all the trim in two rooms. Then we can put my bedroom and the laundry room back together. That is progress. We will be emptying the spare room and readying it for paint and trim.

I will be working like a madwoman to get this house done. Garage sale in a month. Hopefully home sale after that. I will be working hard to have everything done. I'm on a dead line. Self imposed, but a deadline none the less.

Off to do a couple more things before bed.

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