Tuesday, April 2, 2013

B is for Best

This has been the best winter away ever. First a friend came down on his way to bike week. Then I found a home I want to buy. My friend came back on his way home from bike week and finally, my daughter, grandkids and a few of their friends came down for a week.

In all of this I have a book almost print ready. I have spent time with the marvelous friends I have here in South Carolina. I've been able to share SC with friends and family, so they know why I want to move here.

Yes, while the weather has not been as warm as I'd hoped, it has been the best winter away from Michigan yet.



  1. Misha,
    It feels pretty awesome. Thanks

  2. Best, yay! I love visits from family and friends...usually. We live close to Disney World, so we tend to get them about once to twice a month. This last year nearly killed me--playing "Hotel Collier" every couple weeks for months straight. (But don't tell my lovely visitors that!)

    South Carolina, while not quite as awesome as Florida, is definitely a beautiful spot.

    1. I love the low country. I've spent two winters here, made some great friends and I want to settle here. Best to you in the challenge.


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