Thursday, April 25, 2013

V is for Vacuum

Life is not lived in a vacuum. Sometimes we need a wake up call. I've been blogging about my up coming book and the progress we've made on remodeling my house so it will be sale ready.

Today I learned a good friend's cancer is not going to be as easy to cure as we had all hoped. It has spread. I know she is a fighter and will ultimately win. She has an awesome support system which helps.

Tonight I said good-bye to the husband of a friend. Of course it is a time to run into old friends and reminisce. While that is good we all have to admit we are approaching the age where it could be anyone of us.

So, get out and live your life. Don't hole up in a vacuum.



  1. wow---words to live by---so sorry for your loss and all the best to your friend with beating cancer--i will say a prayer right now <3

  2. Thanks, Lynn. All prayers are welcome.

  3. Some times we need to be reminded to get up and get going. Thanks for the words of wisdom.

  4. You are so right, Ann. Thanks for stopping by.


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