Thursday, March 28, 2013

Worst Buy

Most of you are familiar with Best Buy as a merchandiser of all things electronic. They have a rewards program to keep you coming back and they own the Geek Squad for computer repairs. I have a new name for them: Worst Buy.

Let me start the nightmare from the beginning. A friend and I went to get some sort of Ipod/Mp3 player. The first one we bought had us back in there because we couldn't get it to download. We returned later because we had tried four different computers and it wouldn't work. We exchanged it for a different Mp3 player. Different company, easier operating system. Plugged it into the first computer and it burned itself up.

By this time we have been two days on this and I'm fed up. I take every thing back and I'm going to purchase an Ipod. I have one, know how they work. I specifically tell the girl I don't want a used one. She assures me I'm not getting one and I have a full warranty. So, it's $17 off the regular price. I buy it.

I arrive back at the condo with dinner and we eat before I tackle getting the music downloaded to the Ipod. As I start loading it and getting it registered I learn that yes, I do have a used Ipod. I'm livid. It is too late to go back they are closed. I am not feeling well, but I'm mad.

I contacted Best Buy. Not sure why I wasted my time. That was two weeks ago and all they have done is passed my complaint onto the district manager who could care less. I went in to talk to the store manager. They don't have one, you have to walk around trying to find the one for the department you have a dispute with. My thought was just stand in the middle of the stupid store and scream at the top of my lungs, but I didn't have anyone who could bail me out of jail. e

Seriously, you can't pick up a phone and page the manager???? How stupid is that. To make matters worse, no one told me when I bought my computer a year ago that I had to register to get my rewards. Something I only learned because my friend needed to check his. So, I register my account, but I cannot get credit for those reward points. That's how they rip people off. They should be automatic, they are not.

I am  done with Worst Buy. I am cutting up my credit card with them and closing my account. There is nothing on the planet I need bad enough to step into one of their stores again.

Customer service=epic fail. Rewards Zone=epic fail. Overall impression= bye bye



  1. I started reading the A - Z posts but ran into this one. I will bail you out if you do the same for me. I have wanted to scream in their stores too. You made me laugh and it's nice to know I am not alone.


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