Monday, March 18, 2013

My Radio Interview and Other Stuff

If you missed the radio interview, I've got a link for it. Feel free to listen and give me feedback. I thought it went well.

Second on my list of things is a four star review I got today. I've got the link for that, too: Again feel free to leave feedback.

I am working to get my name out there and known. I have a good following, I just need to grow it bigger. I am in the process of putting my older books into ebook format for those who like ereaders. Be patient, there weren't ereaders when the books were published. One of them will need a new cover.

I am busy with the marketing part of my business while I await the copyright so that we can put the finishing touches on the book and get it sent to the printer. Waiting makes me crazy...oh wait, I'm already crazy.

Enjoy the links.


  1. Stopping by to welcome you on board the A to Z Challenge April 2013.
    Look forward to your challenge posts!
    Please consider putting up the Challenge badge so it is easier to identify your participation.
    Twitter: @AprilA2Z


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