Thursday, November 21, 2013


I am closing in on finishing Sanctuary. I am lining up my editors. Then it will go to beta readers. I am excited for it to be done. It leads directly into Something Borrowed, Something Blue. The book will tie up all the loose ends in Crossing the Line. 

I am also working on a children's book. It will be titled Of Moonbeams and Fairy Dust. It will be a collection of poems short stories, and flash fiction suitable for bedtime stories. I have two pieces done and am working on the third. No idea when it will be finished. I will work on it when the ideas come to me.

Most days I can keep outside distractions at bay. However, lately I spend my first hours in bed with ideas running around in a million different directions. Makes for a very sleepless night. I was up an hour after turning the other night writing the opening poem for Of  Moonbeams and Fairy Dust. I have since started a short story for the same book. This after writing it in my head last night. Maybe I should nap in the afternoon so my ideas will come them.

For my friends still struggling through of luck you have nine days left to this insanity. I know several who will be finished. To the others don't give up.


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