Wednesday, October 9, 2019


It has been a while since this blog has seen any posts. I'm back. I'll bring you up to date. 
On July 2, 2018 this wonderful man, my Dad gained  his wings. It has been an adjustment not having him here. I miss him terribly,

In October, 2018, I found my forever home in the foothills of the Cumberland Mountains in Kentucky. I am the next to the last house in the holler. My neighbors are great!!!

This photo was taken the day we pulled the shrubs out in front of the house. They too have been moved.

For my birthday in February, by granddaughter, Megan with the help of her aunt made me a sign I hope to have up soon.

This is truly my Sanctuary.

March 22, 2019 I became a great grandmother. This beautiful little girl gets to call me Granny.

This is Camille

April saw me at two book signings. The first at the Pulaski County Library where they hosted 16 local authors. The second at the Taylor County Library in Perry, Florida. 

My first novel, Secrets, which is in its second edition was nominated for an Author Academy Award. While it did not make the top 10, it was an honor to be nominated.

As a result I was offered the opportunity to join Author Academy Elite. I did. It is an 18 month program to help me improve my writing and make me a better writing coach. I have submitted my book proposal and it has been accepted. I am looking forward to seeing it come out in 2020 along with a writing course.

I have started a Kickstarter fundraiser to help with the cost of tuition, get audio books for Secrets, gain media attention for the relaunch of Secrets, including a local party and global live stream of the party. The link is:
For each copy of Secrets I sell, $1 will be donated to Kentucky Victims of Violent Crimes. 

I am in the process of becoming a writing coach.

Behind the scenes I am getting a new website which will allow you to purchase my books from me. I am launching a Freelance Writing Program, and coaching programs. Watch for this to come soon.

I'm also growing in the community, I have joined a church. I try to spend my Thursday mornings with the Knitwits, a group of ladies who meet in the church library to knit, crochet, and do needlework. I have joined Writers Ink who meet the 4th Monday of each month at the library in London, KY an hour away. I have also joined the Pulaski Writers Alliance who meet the 2nd and 4th Fridays each month at the Pulaski County Library.

I have submitted three of my five books for 2020 to my publisher. The last two should be done and submitted by the end of the month. I am already working on two novels for 2021. The goal is to write 5 books a year for the next five years.

Now you are up-to-date on all my activities. Hope you are continuing on your journeys.


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