Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Good Morning

My morning pages were done on time today. The sun is shining and my neighbor is working on his new house. All seems right with the world.

So, today I awake to a telemarketer. I really hate telemarketers. As I am making breakfast I get another call from a telemarketer. I no longer answer numbers I don't know. If you are not in my phone, you will have to leave a message. No sooner do I get my hands in water to wash something I left soaking last night and the phone rings. Oh wait, it has a ringtone I recognize as someone I know.

I quickly dry my hands and answer it. It is a friend who is trying to get a business going, She and I met while taking a coaching class two years ago. She has had more trouble trying to get her website and course on line than I have. She's had some modest success with her books. And we still bounce ideas off each other.  I hung up and started breakfast again. You guessed it. Phone rang. A local number but not a name I recognized. They left a message. I will return the call later.

Finally breakfast done and on to morning pages. The news was on TV, I won't do that again, it is too distracting, but I got two pages written.

Tomorrow I will get up early to do them. I want to go to Knitwits and Lowes afterward. So, Morning Pages need to be done.

Autumn has finally arrived in Kentucky. It is 68 in the house. Will only get to 59 outside. Curtains are open and sun is shining. I am dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt. I'm not turning on heat before October 26th. That will be the day I closed on this house.  I needed heat then.

Since I will be in Columbus, Ohio on Oct, 26th, the heat won't be on before October 28th, When I roll in on October 27th it will be close to midnight and all I will want is to crawl into bed.

Hope your Morning Pages are going well. Drop me a comment if you have questions.


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