Monday, October 21, 2019

Good Evening: Day 8

Won't be able to see the moon tonight as it's raining. Not a gentle rain, but a downpour. It will be a good night for sleeping. 

Again, today did not go as planned. I awoke early because I had people coming to fix my book shelves. Got a text they couldn't make it until Wednesday. I have plans for Wednesday so it will have to wait. 

Spent my day doing laundry, emptying four kitchen drawers, cleaning them and  spraying them with peppermint oil. I have 9 done and three to go. Then I will line them and refill them. 

Stripped both beds to wash the linens. One will get made tonight. Since I am not expecting any overnight company, I will make the other when I return from the conference.

Not looking forward to driving 5 and a half hours home in the rain on Sunday. But at least I know what to expect. I suspect I will be home around midnight. Which means please don't wake me on Monday.

I am not sure how Morning Pages will work at the conference. I am not an early riser and I have to be at breakfast by 7:30am. each morning. I'm hoping I will find a break time where I can write. If not, I suspect they will be evening pages. I see some time in the Friday schedule. I don't see any in Saturday or Sunday. 

I still have much to do, before I can say I'm ready to leave. Getting ready to go away seems to take weeks to get ready. I have my notebooks to keep notes in. I'm taking two. I am limiting myself to three books from the bookstore or book signing. 

Hope you've had a successful day.


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