Sunday, October 20, 2019

It's a Dreary Sunday: Day 7

Morning pages were done with distractions today. Not a good omen. Especially since I woke up tired to rain. According to the news last night the rain had moved out. Funny rained all night and part of this morning. 

While I have some of the books off the shelves, I still have more to go. They will be done by bed time. Tomorrow is laundry day and I will be doing dishes. In the afternoon I'm planning a trip to Somerset.

The only thing I can say about today is that is did not go as planned. I overslept so on church this morning. Makes my day off. Ugh.

I have enough to do to keep me busy today. One thing I should do is wander out and get the mail. I didn't do that yesterday. If the front porch is dry enough I will get some more kitchen drawers sprayed with peppermint. I'll get the ones done lined with new paper. 

I also have two stories to finish. Maybe I'll put them on the top of my to do list today. 

Happy writing!!!


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