Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Happy Tuesday!!!!!

Morning pages are done!!! It was a good way for me to look at what my Next Best Step will be. I know I am on the right path.
There it is, my path. Have you found yours? Finding a path is not always easy and there are obstacles along the way. While mine looks clear I could have obstacles. How I choose to react to the obstacles will be how I stay on the path or get off the path.

I have a question to pose today. Do you want to write a book? Because research shows 82% of all people want to write a book. Research also shows, 99% of you won't. To me, that is sad. There are so many of you who could write a book and yet you don't. You cannot keep waiting for inspiration--YOU are the inspiration. You cannot wait for the right time--the time is NOW! So, what's stopping you?

I have an offer for you. It will cost nothing but your time. https://vt226.isrefer.com/go/aae50/Rebecka/
Click the link and learn the path to writing the book you've always wanted to write. Learn how to get started on your path. The journey starts with clicking the link. Are you BRAVE enough? 


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