Sunday, October 13, 2019

The Journey Begins Tomorrow

I am reading The Sound of Paper, by Julia Cameron. It has to do with writing. No surprise there. Tomorrow I am incorporating Morning Pages. They are three pages of long hand written in the morning about anything and everything. Morning Pages are done to prioritize our day. They put us in the moment, fully. Sometimes we are not all in the moment even when we are there.

Think of them as meditation for hyperactive Westerners. They amplify the still small voice we have and often ignore. We become more often in the right place at the right time. They bring us guidance, resilience and make us farseeing.

The second thing she suggests are Artist Dates. (Take you journal). Once a week plan a solo event. You are going to explore where you live. Go to the library and research points of interest in your community. Then plan one event a week to explore.

Think mystery rather than mastery. Pleasure not duty. Pick something which appeals to your inner explorer. Artist Dates are not frivolous, they are inner exploration and self discovery. Expect to feel some resistance at first. Take one a week.

Living in an area rich in American history, I am going to enjoy this. Maybe the National Cemetery should be first.

Finally, take WALKS. It links your mind to your body. Twenty minutes a day is enough. An extra hour a week is recommended, but go for the 20 minutes...10 out, 10 back. Walking nudges our habitual thinking and builds bridge to higher consciousness. It allows us to come up with solutions rather than thinking of problems.

If you're with me, leave a comment. I will up date you daily.

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