Sunday, May 20, 2012

Days 17 and 18

The photo reflects where I'd like to be. Relaxing and being lazy. While I have been lazy the past couple of days I am not at the beach.

Day 17-Eliminate Depression. For those of you with diabetes you are familiar with the fact that diabetes and depression go hand in hand. I know for me the diagnosis sent me on an eating binge. The cycle of diabetes increases the depression. You and your doctor need to be alert to it.

There is also the diet depression connection. You faithfully follow a diet but don't seem to be losing weight. You're doing everything right. Still not weight change. Check the meds you are taking. Some diabetes meds cause you to gain weight. Sugars and sweets cause your body to depress the serontin in your system causing depression. That's why eating healthy is important.

Chronic stress can lead to depression. You have to find ways to reduce your stress. Caffeine, alcohol, and smoking also work against you. If you are a smoker, there is no better time to quit.

Get out an walk. Walking helps keep the depression at bay. The activity of walking elevates serontin levels. Get off the sofa NOW!

Talk to a trusted friend or find yourself a counselor who can talk you through the issues that are bothering you. Don't let depression take you down.

Day 18- Add Yoga
    Yoga helps with stress relief. Scientific studies show that people who do yoga live longer. There are some rules of thumb for starting yoga.

  • Keep it calm and gentle-leave the power yoga to others
  • Avoid up and down postures if you have retinopathy.
  • Diabetes with neuropathy or foot problems will want to take extra care to postion themselves near a wall so that support is readily available.
  • It is wise to get a pair of thick soled shoes to protect feet and toes from injury.
Get started today. Make sure you have talked to your doctor before starting. You might have to have a change in your meds to accommodate lower blood level schedules.
PS On an up note, I weighed in this morning I am down  8.2 pounds since starting this. So, the weight comes off just by eating better.

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  1. yes all good tips once again--congrats on the weight loss!


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