Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 14-Eat More Beans

I know those don't look like beans. They are part of three dozen cupcakes made for my book launch tomorrow night. Much as I'd like to have one, I'm going to pass. Although my step-daughter did an awesome job.

Why on earth do you want to eat more beans? They regulate your blood sugar and improve your body's insulin response. Do you need more than that?

Here are some amazing benefits to eating beans:

  • Improves insulin sensitivity, whether you're using your body's own insulin or injecting it. 
  • Improves glucose tolerance the following day (also known as the "second meal effect"). Slow-absorption effect even a day after you eat resistant starch foods.
  • Produces more satiety (the feeling of fullness) with less food. 
  • Blocks you body's ability to burn carbs and prevents the liver from using carbs as fuel. Instead your body burns absorbed fat and recently eaten fat.
  • Shuts down hunger hormones. Then you end up eating less.
  • Lowers cholestrol and triglyceride levels. A welcome alternative to drugs.
  • Promotes helpful bacteria, while suppressing bad bacteria and their toxic by-products. Builds your immunity.
  • Encourages bowel regularity and discourages constipation.
So, have beans with beef, use them as your base for making your own veggie burgers, make Garbanzo flour crepes, add bean dip to your repertoire by  pureeing cooked fava or butter beans with non-fat plain yogurt, have black beans for breakfast, have refried beans add salsa, sour cream and shredded cheese. Make bean soup. There are countless ways to enjoy beans. And the best part is they are good for you.


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  1. The donuts look yummy! Have fun at your book launch
    We have a joke in our house. I like any green beans but don't like any brown beans. I know they are healthy. Maybe I should just get over it :)


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