Monday, May 14, 2012

Day 12-Add Whole Grains and Fruit

Life like everything else has ups and downs. Today I was supposed to be able to add whole grains and fruit. I did not. I chose to do one more day without. I had two hard boiled eggs and a stick of colby/jack cheese for breakfast. I also had a cup of cinnamon tea. I did not eat again until dinner. I had broccoli with garlic salt and parmesan cheese, parsnips sauted in butter, and cottage cheese. Part of the reason for not adding grains or fruit is that I've not been shopping. I will correct some of that tomorrow.

Today you should have been able to celebrate with a sandwich. Not with white bread or oven baked French baguettes. You are now looking for whole grains. You are most likely going to have to make your own. Head to the baking aisle and look for Bob's Red Mill brand of oat flour or brown rice flour for baking bread. Eat real food not things with ingredients you cannot pronounce or even know what they are once you've looked them up. Look for fresh fruit and vegetables.

Here are 10 grains that help the healing:
Whole wheat
Brown Rice

Don't peel your fruit. Most of the nutrients are in the peel. Eat them as they are from apples, peaches, pears, and kiwi. Try something new.

Nope you cannot have jams and jellies. We are not heading to the juice aisle. That is still off limits. Even jams with no sweeteners add other things we don't need. As to dried fruit, a couple of naturally dried fruits diced into yogurt or oatmeal are okay...stick with raisins, chopped prunes, apricots, or dates.

With fruit it is best to eat a protein with it to slow the conversion into sugar in your blood system. So a piece of cheese or handful of nuts will help.

Some fruit tips:
Berries and cherries are loading with healing power. A half cup has more antioxidents than five servings of broccoli.

Cranberries and strawberries help with inflamation. Add to that by picking your own strawberries and you'd added some exercise.

Pomegranate is the one juice that you can add to your fridge. Find the unsweetened and dilute it with tap or mineral water. Limit your intake to not more than once a day.

Don't go wild but now you can make your own breakfast burrito. Just be sure you made the tortilla. Happy eating.

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