Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Day 6 Disappointing

I believe it helps to have your doctor on board when you are in a weight loss program. Unfortunately for me, that is not going to happen. I went in today and found out that the person in charge of my medical care is clueless when it comes to diabetes. She did order a battery of tests and a microbial urinalysis. I should have results next week. My weight is currently 168.2 which means I need to lose 48.2 pounds.

I realize that their is no cure for diabetes. I also know that the author of the book I'm using has been able to take people on insulin off all their meds using this method. I will always have to follow this diet. This is a life style change.

When the person giving me medical care does not know the long term effects of the meds she is prescribing I get scared. She does not know that Metformin the first diabetes drug they prescribe will damage kidneys after long term use. Moving to insulin does not stop that. She does not understand my concerns for my kidneys. No, they currently are not giving me problems but I don't want it to be too late when the problem is discovered.

She was able to explain the swelling in my left foot. It all goes back to a car accident I was in 15 years ago. It is something I will have to live with. I will need to find a comfortable chair that allows my feet to be elevated. I have used a box with a pillow today, not the most comfortable, but it has kept the swelling to what it was when I awoke.

I was up at 8 for and 8:45 appointment. (Helps to live just three miles away). Did not get out of the doctor's office until 10 am. Then went for lab work. It was 10:35 before I got out of there. I went home, changed into jeans and t-shirt, picked up my mail and went to Big Boy for breakfast as I knew I had to have something. The omelette would have been okay if I'd just had cheese on it. But I opted for ham and cheese. Oh, yes, pork is not on the diet. Neither were the hash browns and English muffin. I just knew I needed to get the sugar levels back up to normal. I did okay having only yogurt with cinnamon and walnuts for dinner. I've almost finished my bottle of water. I had two cups of tea at breakfast.

I don't feel bad but today was disappointing. I know that tomorrow I start fresh. This was just a minor set back. I will succeed in losing all the stupid meds that are going to kill me in the long run.



  1. after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years ago, i started doing a lot of research---i have always known quite a bit about type 1, since my nephew was diagnosed at age 2----anyway--this one article really rang true to me--it said if you have type 2, that you are better off doing nothing at all, than to go on any of the medications---

  2. Thank you Lynn, I may be stopping my meds sooner rather than later. Do you remember where you found that article? I'll be looking.

  3. no i sure don't--it is a book out too--but i can't remember the site or the book--i have been looking for it for a couple of years now!


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