Thursday, May 3, 2012

Day One

Not a banner start. I did not eat breakfast. I skipped lunch. Had a stick of colby-jack cheese. Finally had some cottage cheese and a bit of shredded cheese. I boiled some eggs so I'd have them on hand.

I am off early tomorrow for my daughter's graduation from college. I will try to eat better and more frequently. Cannot get into the doctor until Tues. to get blood tests and urinalysis.

Day one = epic fail. Not to worry I will start again tomorrow. At least there was no bread, pasta, or rice today.   I am not a big pasta eater to start with and I can take or leave rice.

I need to buy some veggies. I did stock up on refried beans so that will help. I have some almonds, but I'd like some walnuts for a change of pace. I need some old fashioned oats, too.

I am trying to figure out how to get my teaspoon of cinnamon daily. I know I can mix it with my oatmeal and yogurt. I am just looking for other creative ways to do do it.

If you decide to follow along, Day one goals are to give up bread, processed flour, pasta, and rice. Use no sugar, syrup, or artificial sweeteners. This will continue until Day twelve. I have achieved that.


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