Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 23- Eliminate Self-Sabotage

Being a diabetic is like being on a roller coaster. Self-defeating behaviors and negative thinking hurt your progress.

Did you think that the 30 Day Diabetes Cure was like a diet, you'd go on it, get well, and then discard it and go back to your old ways? If you did go back to day one and start again.

Pay attention to your eating plan. This is going to become your life style...forever. Don't ignore your blood sugar in favor of cookies. If you did, get back on and start again. Starting with the first ten days will get you back on track again.

Don't be discouraged. None of us are perfect. Trial and error is one of the most effective methods of learning. And like it or not you are learning to retrain your body to eat differently.

Top 10 Commitment Busters:

  1. Keeping junk food in your home or office so you can "sneak" a treat.
  2. Creating "special food rules" that let you slip into old habits on various occasions, like holidays, birthdays, or celebration dinners. 
  3. Letting others sway your eating or activity schedule. Just because your mother-in-law wants you to eat her coffee cake doesn't mean you have to.
  4. Giving in to "stress eating." After a hard day, it's easy to reach for a junky snack (especially if it's around the house).
  5. Not recognizing that judgmental comments from family or friends over your new approach to diabetes are based in ignorance or their own insecurities.
  6. Skipping your 30 minutes of daily walking because you "don't have enough time."
  7. Not reminding your family that you need their support to succeed.
  8. Forgetting to snack regularly(and healthfully) twice a day.
  9. Still eating or drinking anything with sugar in it.
  10. Skimping on sleep (one of the most healing aspects of your life).
Aristotle said, "Excellence is not an act, but a habit." Make your new way of eating a habit.

How to get back on track:

  • Recognize your motivation: look at the reports on the toll diabetes takes on your health and life.
  • Write it down: Create a week of diabetes healing menus
  • Declare your intentions: Tell everyone you know that you are going to follow the 30 Day Diabetes Cure. Declaring your intentions ups the odds you will follow through.
  • Get cooking: Block out an hour to make a double batch of vegetable soup, three bean chili, or a week's worth of Irish oatmeal.  Portion it into meal size containers and freeze for later.
  • Find a sponsor: A mentor who understands having your plan derailed and knows how to help you get back on track. 
  • Log it in: Keeping a daily journal of your meals, emotions, and activities can help jump-start new habits and keep you consistent.
  • Recognize triggers: The doughnut in the office? The smell of French fries? Dessert after dinner? The stronger the trigger the more powerful it is. To break them, you have to recognize them.
  • Be mindful: Old habits haunt us. Being mindful forces you to focus on the present. Use the one meal at a time approach and make a healing choice right NOW.
  • Replace: Arm yourself with a replacement for your old habit. If munching on pretzels while watching TV was a habit, munch on fresh veggies instead.
Reject negative self-talk. Turn all your negative thoughts to positive ones.
Are you like me? Are you your own worst enemy? You can still reverse diabetes. You can get off your medications. You can reduce your insulin. You can avoid the deadly complications of diabetes. Most important is whether or not you believe it.

More tips to succeed:

  • Exercise to curb your appetite. Regular physical activity is important.
  • Eat green. You have permission to "pig out" on broccoli, greens, oranges, and beans--all great sources of folate. Stay on your healing path and you'll conquer cancer at the same time!
  • Don't dine with overweight friends: Studies show that hanging out with people who are overweight makes you heavier. Choose your friends wisely. If you have overweight friends, drag them along when you are walking.
Finally step away from negative people who stand in your way to your goals.

On a personal note. My blood sugar this morning was 67...a bit low. My blood pressure was 111/56. On the low side.  Yes, this really works. Am I hungry? Only if I forget to snack or eat my lunch. Habits I'm working to fix.


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